Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie

I too finally sat down to watch this on HBO the other night. I think I went into it with a relatively open mind… most of the comments above put the movie in the “meh” range and call out some high points, so I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

Nope. Man, that was horrible.

I probably ought to just copy/paste SlainteMhath’s post above this one, but maybe I can add a few pieces on insight.

Batman: Having him be Inspector Gadget is absolutely the wrong thing to pull from Nolan’s movies. Batman should absolutely be all about the planning, the detective work, and the ability to pull a solution out of thin air based on what he’s seen before, despite all the shit going down around him. Making him a brawler with mini-guns mounted all over a bunch of vehicles is just terrible.

Wonder Woman: Somewhere in there was a decent story about Diana Prince hiding her light under a bushel for decades at a time and unwilling to let the world see what she is/was capable of. They didn’t choose to tell that story (and maybe it’ll be told in the 1980s WW), but in theory they resolved it during the CGI-fest at the end?

Flash: I liked almost every scene he was in. The costume was just as crappy as it appeared in the early promo-shots.

Cyborg: A little more fleshed-out than I had thought he would be, to be honest. Still a nothing of a character, but I thought the actor did more with him than the script allowed, if that makes any sense. His costume was crap too… but at least they showed him revising it in the credits. I’m still not entirely clear why/how he lost control of his gun-arm after Superman’s resurrection. I get why we had to have everyone fight, and that was as good a reason as any to start it off, but… I dunno… random technobabble.

Aquaman: I really like Momoa. Or at least I want to. And I like that they went in a pretty all-new direction for one of the most whitebread characters in the DC arsenal. But man was he wasted in this movie.

Superman: I liked how menacing they made him out to be right after he came back from the dead. And that’s about all I can find to compliment. He was a McGuffin for 90% of the film, and for the other 10% you kind of wish he’d stayed dead so that the other characters could have overcome their individual issues and joined together to defeat the enemy… instead of having Superman show up and do it without breaking a sweat.

The villain: Ye gods. Sure, the bad guy is never going to be anything great in an ensemble movie (Thanos excluded, I guess), but Steppenwolf was just a horrible example. No motivation beyond being generically evil, no background or history to speak of, no sympathetic traits whatsoever, bad costume, stupid weapon, bad dialog.

The best scene in the movie (arguably the only good scene in the movie).

My favorite scene from this film will always be The Flash springing into action against Superman and Supes tracking him while at speed. The look of surprise on his face is superb. I would have enjoyed it a lot more with Grant Gustin in the role, but hey, they picked this route…

As the TV universe continues to grow and inch closer to Batman and Superman, we can only hope they eventually settle on this dark universe being one of the alternate Earths.

This is a great idea.

Not totally sure which DC thread this fits best in, but I gotta put it somewhere -

I guess the writing was on the wall when Cavill took the Witcher gig, but still I’m a bit surprised.

I started a thread pretty much simultaneous to your post: Henry Cavill may be done as Superman

Fair enough, probably big enough news for its own thread.

DCU movies stay losing. Good Lord, I want a tell-all detailing how badly Warner and DC messed this all up.

Well, as bad as the movies he appeared in were, I reckon he did a good job as Superman. In his interviews he frequently stated that there were so many great stories still to be told and he really hoped he’d get a chance to tell them someday. Thus always indirectly acknowledging that whatever he was promoting at the time WAS NOT IT…

Kinda bizarre, how Warner took “his” promised Superman sequel and “improved” on it by throwing in Batman and thus ending up with the horrible mess that was Justice League. Its understandable that Cavill was frustrated and in the end jumped ship.

Speaking of jumping ship, I’m surprised that Warner still hasn’t confirmed that Affleck is out as well.

Good, let it all burn, then FINALLY hand creative control over to the folks who make the animated stuff, like Bruce Timm.

Nah, just use the TV cast and drop the movieverse entire. I NEED BIGSCREEN GRANT GUSTIN GODDAMMIT


You know what? I am ok with everything you just said.

Since people liked him, Ezra Miller can cameo as one of the 47 alternate universe speedsters, all of whom are faster than The Flash, that Gustin’s Flash has to fight in Season 6.

Nah, just use the TV cast and drop the movieverse entire. I NEED BIGSCREEN GRANT GUSTIN GODDAMMIT

2 solid hours of The Flash making terrible decisions, one after another.

Who plays Superman on TV? Does Superman ever show up on TV?

The next film will be rated NC-17 from how hard Flash fucks the timeline.

Tyler Hoechlin! He’s pretty good, honestly.

He’s basically contained in Supergirl now and rarely shows up. The show was pretty quick to establish she’s her own grown ass woman and completely capable of handling shit. They’ve teamed up at least once or twice, maybe fought once? I didn’t finish the last season. I think he might be getting a bigger role going forward. Especially as Batwoman (and presumably, eventually, the entire Bat family) becomes a thing.

Don’t even call it a Flash movie. Call it:

“Barry Allen: Speedster Idiot”

They confirmed Superman and Lois Lane for this year’s crossover. Should be…a thing that happens.

So Superman is out, Cavil, and Batman is out, Affleck. So… what’s DC’s plan now?

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