Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie


That’s not even remotely true. There wouldn’t even be a silver age of comics, at least as we know it, without Marvel, and DC struggled for over a decade trying to catch up to the energy and creativity of their competition.


Marvel vs DC pissing contest in 3…2…1…


As John said, your first statement isn’t true, and there is at least one good example of the latter not being true either: Swamp Thing/Man-Thing. Swamp Thing was created afterwards, but far more interesting things were done with the character because of Alan Moore, etc. Although Man-Thing gave us Howard the Duck, so maybe a wash.

Re: Justice League – I lost a lot of interest after Snyder left and was replaced by Whedon. I liked the serious tone of MoS and the first half of BvS - they just needed better writers to go along with Snyder’s imagery and visual skill. Combining Snyder and Whedon is like putting beets on a cinnamon roll - even if you like one, or both individually, together they seem terrible. But maybe they somehow balance each other too.


Review embargo got dropped now. Nothing tracked on RT yet as I’m writing this, but here’s the Variety take:


Spoiler free review:

Sounds pretty good. I like that they give the heroes coming together priority in this movie. There is time for more interesting villains later if this does well.

I’m in. Though I’ll also be looking forward to the longer cut.


Currently expected to haul in less than Thor: Ragnarok on its opening weekend.


If that holds true then WB execs won’t be happy, unless JL has far better legs at the box office than BvS did.

Looking at the release schedule they don’t have any real competition opening up until Jedi hits.


I’m still trying to decide if this is worth blowing 3 hours and $30 on or not. After seeing (and loving) Thor 3 last night, I just can’t imagine crawling back into grimdarktown with DC :-/


Don’t do it. It’s going to suck. I paid money for Batman vs Superman and it was the worst 3 hours I ever spent at a movie.

I watched Suicide Squad on HBO Go and I couldn’t finish it. The last movie I turned off halfway through was Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo.


I’m pretty psyched that my roommate got free tickets for a work-sponsored showing. I can satisfy my curiosity at no cost!


Someone will take one for the team and tell us if it’s any good or not. The previews look like a terrible mess. Such a shame.


The reviews are already out, Rotten Tomatoes is just being coy about their aggregate review score because they’re revealing it in some new weekly feature they’re pushing on Thursdays.

It’s a 51 on Metacritic.


What’s hilarious is that the Flixster app was pulling and displaying the RT score hours and hours ago.


It’s not grimdarktown. Several reviews mention it’s a much more light hearted movie. Not Thor 3 light-hearted. But nowhere near as grim as the previous ones.


Seeing this Sunday with the girls. The company will be worthwhile I am sure the movie will be pleasing. I bet one of you out there will see it before me though.


I expect this is Whedon’s main contribution to the movie.


Supposedly this is an actual FX shot someone recorded from a showing…


I saw an advanced screening of this last night (in Australia) - definitely not unwatchable, but certainly no Thor 3. You can tell WB realised that grimdark was not the way; it’s quite light hearted. It didn’t really feel like a Joss Whedon script though so I’m not sure how much he actually did.

My biggest take-away is that I’d actually really like to see a Wonder Woman 2… also - extreme, blatant Mercedes Benz product placement.

Everything about Cyborg was terrible.


I’m looking forward to seeing it Sunday, but based on an RT score of 40% so far, I’m tempering my expectations appropriately.


The film is marginally better than last year’s sour and dispiriting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but that’s like saying that dental surgery is preferable to passing a kidney stone.