Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie


I assume Whedon is probably about to delete his twitter again:


Dropping to 37% now…but hey still above BvS’s 27!


Just got back. Of course I knew we’d have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash. But I was surprised to see how important The Green Screen turned out to be!




Haha, yes! I noticed that too. Definitely a couple shots where I could tell they digitally removed the super-stache.


Two scattered thoughts, both are just impressions of characters and how they were presented, nothing to do with plot details, but since the movie has barely been released, I’ll spoiler tag them to be on the cautious side:

Superman: weird. I really felt like MoS and BvS betrayed the character of Superman—what he stood for, how he acted, etc. This plot is so shallow here there’s literally no way to even compare this movie, there’s nothing for him to react to, nothing to give us any insight into whether he’s growing or changed by his experiences. All we get is an awkwardly obvious effort to give him some jokes. He’s not shown to be a better man, a better role model, or a better hero. He’s no closer to being the “beacon” characters assert he was (with no evidence), he’s just quippier now.

The Flash: this works. Probably the best thing Justice League does is shows us that an Ezra Miller Flash has the potential to be a lot of fun. I’d like to see more of Wonder Woman, but that’s because of her movie, JL neither bolsters nor diminishes her appeal. The other four? I actively do not want to see more of them. But Flash? Flash was a high point here, and I really hope they get the right talent together to give him a movie worthy of this potential.


Just got back, loved it, theater erupted in applause at the end and the post credit scenes. Not sure why all the bad reviews. Solid 7.5 will say Stephen wolf was not great but what bad guy in these are?


Don’t have an opinion yet, but this is a pretty good line: All these Whedonisms have the opposite of the intended effect. They give off a strenuous hum, the desperate sound of a turd polished in vain.


I obviously went in with low expectations after the crapfests that MoS and BvS were. I was pleasantly surprised by this one, and both the 15-year-old and I actually really enjoyed it. I’d rank it as only one of four DC movies I haven’t found disappointing. (Along with Batman, Batman Begins, and Wonder Woman.) Yes, Steppenwolf is a lame villain, but the League stuff made up for that. Wish they’d just gone for Darkseid, though, instead of saving him to be an even bigger implied threat. He’s at least interesting, unlike Steppenwolf.

But still, A-, would see again.


This is high praise. I feel like I am at risk of raising my expectations before seeing this. Hint: my expectation aren’t that high and heavily driven by Wonder Woman and Flash, some Aquaman.


@Nesrie, don’t raise them too high, as that might skew things. I was delighted because I was expecting another Zach Snyder deathfest. If I’d gone in expecting to like it, I might not have come out as happy, impossible to tell now. :) Also, my taste in DC movies isn’t mainstream, as I wasn’t a big fan of the Reeve/Donner Superman films or the second and third Dark Knight films.

And yeah, WW, Aquaman, and the Flash were highlights for me and the kid. He especially loved Flash, and that’s high praise because he’s a big fan of the Flash TV series and was in the “Why don’t they just use Grant Gustin?” camp. It’s a different take on Flash, but it’s either really fun, or (to some people, apparently) irritating. Aquaman is weird because his character is nothing like the comic, but that’s okay, because he’s not a very fun guy in the comics.


The best pre-DCU DC films are, in no specific order, Batman Begins, Batman and Robin, and Constantine.

I would be willing to fight the weaker members of the forum, one at a time and only using inflatable weapons, over this opinion.


Weekend forecast downgraded…


If we were to ever meet I’m going to curb stomp you into the ground for that opinion. Batman and Robin? WTF is wrong with you?



Just saw it and was disappointed. I would give it a c as a score. Everyone talks about flash but I was very disappointed in him. Did absolutely nothing. Yea he was good with the jokes but him and aquaman could have been left out and movie would have been the same. Maybe i expected way more.


Looks like the harsh reception of BvS is showing with Justice League. Allot felt burned by it so might be holding off. Hopefully it has good legs or WB execs are going to be wrin8ng their hands in the upcoming months as to what they do about the DC franchise.


Am I missing something here. Wonder Woman, a good movie that got a lot of praise spread quickly, pulled in 103.3, and somehow they thought they were going too get 110 opening weekend with this? I’m willing to give this a go in theater only because of Wonder Woman and I may have a few lady friends that have this thing for Jason Momoa, and this me already knowing that they didn’t have time to really do much with this movie based on Wonder Woman’s success… oh BvS opened to 170 mil. heh, well… that movie put me to sleep, and I was captive in a plane so I finished it.


I fuckin love The Governator’s Mr Freeze with a fiery passion


Whew. Just got back from seeing this.

It’s bad. Not BvS garbage fire bad, but it’s pretty terrible.

I guess the only thing I liked was The Flash, but at times it felt like he was in the wrong movie. I hope they keep him around through the inevitable DCEU reboot so he gets a chance at his own film.

The villain was awful. In fact, the whole Mother Box (that will never not sound dumb when spoken aloud) stuff was bad. None of it ever felt like a real threat.

Every outdoors shot looked like it was filmed in the cheapest greenscreen set ever made. Was that a style choice? I’m hoping it was, otherwise WB got swindled on the composite work. Speaking of subpar effects, holy crap at Cavill’s face. Almost so bad it was funny.

Man, this movie is getting exactly the ratings it deserves.


Dammit. I will probably still end up seeing it as I’m a DC super fan but this shouldn’t be that hard. I don’t want to watch a goddam music video for 3 hours.

The problem with these DC movies is that they’re clearly made by people who have total contempt for their target audience.