Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie


no worries on watching a 3 hour music video its only 1 hour and 59 minutes long


I thought it was solidly OK.


I enjoyed it. Post credits reveal was cool. Flash was surprisingly good. Aquaman is frankly quite awesome and I have to say I have really grown to enjoy Batfleck. I think he’s a great Bruce Wayne and a very good Batman. Wonder Woman is as good as ever.

I really liked how the film starts dark and lightens up as it goes on. I totally felt like I was in a much more fun and exciting DC Movie Universe by the end of the film.

The Cyborg cg… well, that was always going to be hard, but I liked the character and how he is portrayed. I’ve seen so much Cyborg on TV for the last ten years that I had a lot of baggage for him going in and I was happy with what I got.

It’s not the best superhero movie but it’s far from the worst. As for Steppenwolf, yeah, he’s a pushover, but I think that sets things up nicely for Darkseid. This guy couldn’t handle the Man of Steel and he was already kicked off Earth once. It makes sense that these heroes would be able to handle him. Doomsday was a more serious threat in BvS and that’s why this guy seemed like a pushover. He’s trying to fix his mistake when things should be easy. Turns out they’re not.

So yeah… I had a lot more fun than I expected given the reviews and the comments I saw beforehand. Thumbs up.


Typical Justice League story. Flail around like morons because Superman is incapacitated. Superman shows up, y’all take a break you earned it! Oh wait Superman is a toddler and easily distracted, let’s resume getting our asses kicked by this mook. Yay he’s back and 1-shotted the boss! GOOD JOB TEAM

Everything about this movie sucked. My wife and I were late for the 1 showing of Blade Runner so we saw this instead because there was nothing else.

Superman’s cartoon lips are the worst things I’ve ever seen in a movie. Its fucking embarrassing. How does someone watch that and say “This looks good! Ship it!”

The only way the DC Cinematic universe can sink any lower is if they start selling loot boxes.


What? They CGI’ed superman’s lips??


Well, I guess in the scenes in which they had to digitally remove Henry Cavill’s moustache, they also had to do the upper lip.


Oh I see it was a reshoots issue conflicting with Mission Impossible 6. Were there THAT many reshoots?

Oh my gosh the missed opportunity here

So if Superman had a thick, curly mustache in Justice League — but nobody even addressed it onscreen — wouldn’t that be great?

That, in fact, would have been awesome.


Wow so wrong 😃


Superman has a mustache, Clark doesn’t. Perfect disguise.


I didn’t hate it, in fact as such a DC fanboy I enjoyed it. Ok the lip thing was distracting but I enjoyed the teams interactions against the subpar boss fight lol.

What had me screaming like a little girl was

The Green Lantern fight in the flashback
I want see it again, generally but mostly to see that again


This post pretty much echoes my sentiments toward the movie. My two biggest complaints have to be Steppenwolf and the lack of exposition around his motivation and the uneven CGI (the opening scene with Sup talking to the kids was f’n horrible).

I didn’t stick around beyond the mid-credit race, so apparently there was another scene at the end? And just Youtube’d it.


When a movie gets a 40 from critics and an 86 from viewers, on RT, you have to wonder if the critics have some kind of agenda against the DCEU. I’ll likely go see this next week and from what Ive read, it sounds like a fun movie with a few flaws, so with tempered expectations I’ll go see it with an open mind.


You won’t be the first in this thread to enjoy it, but so far you’ll be in the minority. The reviews seem to line up just fine with this crowd.


Oh, for fuck’s sakes. NO. The average critic has absolutely no skin in the game when it comes to which comic book publisher owns which characters. In fact, like most people, they probably have no idea that Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Deadpool are owned by different companies, and couldn’t all be in a movie together. They don’t care at all which “universe” these superheroes belong to.

If there’s a discrepancy between what “viewers” and “critics” think about Justice League, it’s because critics are supposed to review movies based on how well they work as films, not based on how many marks they get on a comic fan’s checklist.

My brother-in-law is a self-professed “DC guy” and after he saw the movie, he told me it immediately went up, like, ten points because of some obscure reference to a supervillain team in the end credits that I guess he likes, and like another ten points because of some Green Lantern reference. Which is great and all, but it should go without saying that this is not how professional film critics should be doing their jobs. It’s the self-proclaimed comic fans who have the agendas, not critics.


They need to give the reigns over to Bruce Timm and Paul Dini and stick to the animated universe, but on the big screen. Way cheaper to make, and so much more awesome in every single way.


Because all of the RT viewers are comic book fan’s checking off lists. And there’s never been a film before with a large gap between critical and movie-goer response either.


I knew about the Henry Cavill mustache CGI going in, and looked really hard, but I’ll be damned if I could see it. And I noticed all the other crappy CGI.


If it hadn’t been mentioned in this thread, I never would have remembered because I didn’t notice.


What are you arguing? You’re cherry picking your quote and presenting it out of context: I was specifically responding to a claim that based on the critical gap between viewers and reviewers, there’s a critical conspiracy against the DCEU, which is nonsense.

Of course sometimes viewers and critics disagree, but then again, average people and critics disagree about whether or not Applebee’s is a great place to go to dinner on a Saturday night, too. That critical gap isn’t proof of a conspiracy: at worst, it’s just proof that critics are out of touch with just how tasteless most Americans are.


Well, my point was that it’s quite likely that people walked out of movie theaters liking the film who aren’t comic book fans who checked off lists.

I agree that it’s doubtful critics have some existing agenda against WB/DC’s efforts. More likely they’re simply tiring of super hero movies and are perhaps increasingly predisposed toward riffing on them at this point. Especially ones that are a good bit disjointed like JL.