Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie


Dammit, I knew I should’ve gone to Thor. What a dull mess of a movie. Surely they can find someone more competent than Zack Snyder to make these things.


Yeah, me too. The response in this thread left me bewildered.


Which ironically is exactly what you did to my comments. Its fine if you do not believe there is some kind of media agenda. I never said there was a conspiracy, I merely posited the question on the possibility of an agenda. I also never said it had anything to do with “comic book” stuff. It could be about Snyder, or the DCEU in general or it could be nothing at all. I asked a question and you didn’t bother answering, you simply went on the offense, rather offensively, I might add. All of your “arguments” were founded in assumption and opinion. And you wonder why you got called out for it?


Ha ha! Look, dude, if you want to split semantic hairs over whether your little theory about thousands of critics around the world all working in concert together to rate DCEU movies more negatively than they would otherwise is an international “conspiracy” or merely an international “agenda,” by all means, go ahead. It’s crackpot either way.

For what it’s worth, if you think the bad reviews are about Snyder, I agree with you, if only because Zack Snyder is retarded–the Rob Liefeld of movie directors–and everything he touches turns to shit. But the agenda critics are pursuing isn’t explicitly against him: it’s against soulless, badly directed, creatively bereft movies in general…a type of film which he has achieved auteurship at making.


I don’t understand how Cavill’s CG lip wasn’t immediately obvious to everyone. It looks really bad.


Maybe it looks ok if you forgot to wear your glasses?


How significant is Wonder Woman’s role/screen time? I don’t care about much here except for her and possibly Batfleck.


I think she has the largest role in the movie. She and Batman are the only ones on board the entire time, and she’s the heavy hitter. It’s actually interesting how minimized Batman’s role is, considering. WW is front and center a lot.




It was screaming, “Uncanny valley, right here, front and center,” to my eyes in that very first scene.


We did this in the Force Awakens thread. Through some process utterly foreign to me, some people apparently didn’t find CG Leia and Tarkin to be terrifying and revolting distractions from the film. I suspect it’s the same with the Superstache.

Then again, some people seem to find Zack Snyder something other than the hackiest hack who ever hacked together a “film” so that’s a thing too I guess.


Iove the movie but the mustache was very noticeable, they did not have alot of time considering the reshoots we not that long ago. Maybe they should of delayed it by a few month, but I have no clue what that would cost them.

All I know is my theater erupted in applause and my daughter and her boyfriend loved it as much as I did


My theater was applauding when Steppenwolf was beaten and when the movie ended too. Which was weird, because I haven’t heard a theater applaud during a movie in a long time (was a lot more common decades ago).


So yeah, this hauled in $96m at the US box office on its first weekend - less than BvS, MoS, WW and Suicide Squad made on their respective opening weekends.


I did not notice the mustache CGI, but now that you guys have debated it I’m sure I will never be able to unsee it in future viewings.


I’m not shocked, BvS had such bad reviews and then this gets slammed also. Take Snyders name off this I bet it gets better reviews, people just seem to hate him.

I like it much more then say Age of Ultron, even the new Spider-Man did nothing for me.

Look the film has problems for sure, how could it not. I still had a blast watching it and so did my theater. Hope they make another one with one vision and hopfully no damn mustache!!!


OMG dude that was Rogue One, please hand over your nerd card.


Oh dear lord, between that and UNESCO nobody is going to take me seriously ever again!


It was super obvious and off-putting to me, but the guy I saw the movie with didn’t notice either. Must be one of those things. For me it just made his whole face look CG and when he talked it didn’t look right.

I didn’t hate the movie, but it was a bit of a mess. BTW -

They didn’t have very good security on those boxes, did they? One wonders why it took 5000 years for Diablo Demon guy to steal them. Teleport in, kill a few people, grab the box and teleport out. No big deal. Seemed like Ant Man could have done it.


Just got back. Enjoyed it. Solid 7/10 for me.

I can see why it is getting panned. It does a lot of interesting, fun things but it is also sloppy. Not a story problem or plot problem as much as it’s an execution problem.


I was really surprised they definitively demonstrated how much more powerful Superman is than all of them combined. Even Marvel tends to be cagey when doing the vs. thing.

Steppenwolf wouldn’t even cut it in a Superman film bc he’s not even in Suoerman’s League but he’s enough to take on the rest of the Justice League.

Take out some of the noise and I’d put it up there with The Avengers.

CGI was pretty bad.