Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie


We don’t want repeated origin stories (Batman, Superman, Spider-Man), we saw those before.


What a wimp. If this updated Aquaman was really tough, he could totally pull off orange and green tights.



Don’t forget to bring a flashlight to the theater to help light up that screen!


I am a fan of Serious Cyborg.


I recall from a cartoon (or comic) that as King of Atlantis, he comes with his very own Atlantean army, a kind of sea Thor, if you will?


A bit off topic but a friend loaned me his copy of the Neal Adams’ Batman omnibus and this stuff is incredible. Hard to believe this was late 60s and 1970s material. Neal Adams has always been my favorite comic book artist, but as a Marvel fanboy I never saw his work for DC before this book.


Affleck says his solo Batman movie is…

The Batman

“The movie, I think, is going to be called The Batman. That’s what we’re going with now.”[/quote]


What, because the rip off of Namor wasn’t overt enough?


The Flash just lost director Rick Famuyiwa. “Creative differences.”


We have a new publicity shot:


I’ve never seen the TV version of The Flash, but I understand it’s fairly well-regarded.

In the TV show, is the Flash’s outfit also made of painted, cut-up cereal boxes tied together with twine?


No, it actually looks pretty damn good.


I know the current aesthetic in movies is to have more greebly details on super-suits, because it helps hide imperfections, and makes the characters easier to light and shoot because the textures cut down on large blank areas. Armor plating is one way they do that for many characters. It’s also shorthand to visually indicate to the audience why the superhero isn’t always fighting in tatters. “It’s Wayne-Tech composite!” or “It’s Kryptonian under-armor!”

But I have no idea what’s going on with Flash’s armor in that shot. I guess you can argue that Wayne-Tech ceramic plating helps him with air friction and keeps him safe from stray bullets or whatever, but what are the criss-crossing cords about? The last superhero I remember with a similar costume detail is Miles Teller in Fantastic Four.


Tom Chick voice: Ha ha. You watched Fantastic Four.


I’ll never forgive them for passing up Grant Gustin for this role. Make it a multiverse thing, I don’t give a shit. He is the Flash in my eyes at this point.


The whole split between movie/TV universes is just stupid.


One thing to bear in mind about movie and TV universes not being shared is that it increases the flexibility of both. The bigger an umbrella that hangs over your project, the more “advisors” you accumulate with veto power over your scripts, character designs, marketing plans, etc.

We deal with this over in video game land. There were projects in the past where the movie people were coordinating with us, and that was a real drag on our schedule and creativity.

It probably works out to the benefit of both groups that the other has no say in their plans.


Jessie Eisenberg to reprise his role as Lex Zuckerberg. If I wasn’t out before, I am now. God he was just the worst.


I liked him, better than the same old boring bald middle aged fart…


Maybe his manic-pixie psychopath will be different without the hair. The bad acting was in the flowing locks.