Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie


Superpowerful Superman is not the problem here, that’s part of his mythology(not that they were anywhere near close to a decent Supes portrayal). The problem is the power level of the rest of the characters, particularly Batman who they turned into a weak, not funny n not hot DC version of Black Widow. In the comics, Batman is the only normal human that has a contigency plan against Superman and he could possibly kill him if it came to it. In most scenes here Batman seemed to be an inch away from dying in a car wreck or a contusion caused by a fall. Pathetic…


I was glad I went. My son was very excited to see it but when reviews came out I was apprehensive. I told my kids not to expect to like it as much as Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, or Wonder Woman, but that it would probably have parts in it that would make it worth seeing, like the scenes with Wonder Woman in BvS. That was my expectation going in, and for me it exceeded that expectation and I ended up liking it.

I did not like it at the start though, the tone was way too dark, beyond where you should start with mainstream comics heroes I think. The world was presented as more than mourning Superman and going toward nihilism.

The strength of the movie for me was the “superhero team as family” story dynamic that DC and Marvel have going on in these shared universe movies. And with that dynamic I really liked the way they showed how each hero’s strengths and weaknesses were balanced by the others and how they worked better as a team. It’s cliche but satisfying to a comic nerd. I thought Wonder Woman was great in that context, as the team member with the most heroic attitude and emotional maturity.

The villian was the worst, the plot stood out for ridiculousness in a genre known for it, the cgi was laughably bad, but I still enjoyed the interplay of the characters. I was not familiar with Cyborg and enjoyed him more than I was expecting. His voice was especially great, simultaneously human and eerie in a way that seemed to work with his character’s main conflict.

The introductions of the new characters felt incredibly rushed, of course, especially Steppenwolf’s, since DC is losing their minds trying to keep parity with Marvel, but by the time The Flash joined in I felt like the movie settled into exploring the interplay among the heroes and I started enjoying it despite my misgivings and dislike of the first half. I would have loved to see how Whedon would have handled it from start to finish; I think Snyder does not understand what makes superheroes work on the big screen.


Saw it and I was entertained. Not as bad as I expected from the opinions of the critics and most of the people here. The villain was your basic cliche’ but then that’s what you get in most superhero movies, Marvel included. He reminded me of Ronan the Accuser ( the villain from Guardians ) I did not see an issue with Cavill’s mustache and I was looking for it. Because the mustache only had to be removed for some reshoots and since I never noticed any uncanny valley level of CGI, I am interested in what scenes people are talking about.


You mean other than that weirdo cornfield, several of the aquaman scenes, several of the cyborg moments, heck even superman floating … they’re not right. It’s not like Sci Fi original bad CGI, but I’ve seen transformers, actual robots, look more natural than some of these superheroes looked on those screens. For the amount of money they put into it, it’s not good.


I agree several of the other CGI scenes were less than stellar but I was specifically asking about Cavills mustache CGI. I wondered what scenes it was removed from because I never saw an issue with it.


Well it made news when they had to reshoot, so one, people knew there would be CGI so they were looking. And if you freeze the shot, he looks like he had an extra bump in his lip and yeah it looks weird in some other shots. I don’t pay attention to lips that much in my superhero movies though, it’s not a Rom Com!, so I probably wouldn’t even notice something like that if there hadn’t been all this news about it before hand.


The very first scene with Cavill’s face on the phone video. It was blatant and an hilarious way to open the movie. “Here’s some bad CG!”


This movie wasn’t that bad. I kind of liked it. I still think the action scenes, with the Snyder 300 slo mo, were pretty cool. Too bad WB is rushing the whole DC franchise… the obvious ripoffs in this movie to Avengers and LoTR is sad and these characters deserve better. Wish they just ripped off Morrisons JLA run page by page from the 90s or even the JLI Giffen Dematteis series.

I really liked the Batman/Wonder Woman scenes… there was some good depth there, just wish they stuck with one director…So disjointed overall but still enjoyable if your a comic book fan.


For me it’s those scenes that helped me connect with Bat Affleck. I really just didn’t sync with him until this movie, and it finally clicking with the others around him, I think is a good thing.


Finally saw this, what a fun mess of a movie. Could not get over Superman’s mustache CGI and the plot was all over the place. Ben Affleck is a really decent Batman though. Wonder Woman was great as always, and the Flash was fun. So kinda yay. No desire to see it again though, whereas I need to see Ragnarok a few more times in the theater.

Oh, also loved how they used the theme from the classic Keaton Batman movies here as well. Nice touch.


Went to see it. Some thoughts:

It’s not terrible. I’d say it’s like a low to middling Marvel movie, not really good, but not terrible, it’s a comic book movie 100%, none of this Marvel “let’s make a regular movie and replace the protagonists with comic book characters”.
Fairly entertaining.
A sequel to a couple of movies nobody saw. This isn’t really a sequel to the MoS and BvS we got, rather some alt version of those, maybe from Earth 2 or something.
Holy shit expensive for what it was. I think the budget was like 300 million, and it doesn’t show. Maybe because they had to use it on silly stuff like shooting the same movie more than once and erasing a mustache…


To no one’s surprise…


Gah, just give it to Bruce Timm and Paul Dini already. Geez.


God, this is a terrible jumble of a movie, but some of the bits are a lot of fun here and there.

Pretty awful recension of Barry Allen, but Momoa’s (personality-wise a bit non-canon, but still fun) version of Aquaman and Ray Fisher’s rather excellent Cyborg make up for it. Cavill’s always been quite a good Superman. Affleck’s still got the best build and jawline of any Batman ever, and happily his performance in this seems less phoned-in than his performance in BvS.

And of course everyone loves Gal Gadot now - the uncomplicated heroic feel of her version of WW is a breath of fresh air these days.

Quite a few bits of witty wordplay here and there that one thinks must almost certainly be Whedon’s work.

Everything about the main story and villain is just really, really bad, and the CGI is surprisingly cheap-looking a lot of the time, but there are a few exciting fight moments.

Best bit is towards the end when the team’s all together and jolly, it feels like the JLA as we know and love it it from the comics, and shows some promise for a future JLA movie. Quite some way in the future now, I guess.

Not looking forward to the Flash movie at all, but really looking forward to Aquaman and Cyborg movies.



No idea if this guy can become DCs Kevin Feige but I wish him luck as he’s got allot of work to do.


Wow… what a horrible movie. Only positive thing I can say is that its “short”? Oh yeah… Guess It was nice to hear a few beats of the old superman theme, though it didn’t fit into the scene at all in that moment!

The mustache really did ruin Cavills performance, though that wasn’t really their fault, they just had to roll with it.

Anyway… I don’t really want to tear it apart now. The Vanity Fair article linked by Spiffy earlier covered most of the problems.


Finally saw this in retail. Yes it is effing terrible. This is as comic book as you can get, everything happened just to bring all DC IP together, and they are glued together not by common sense but by a desire to make money. Why is there some kind of tube transport system? Why did no one in the movie noticed it? Why did they not secure the mother box better after resurrecting supes? Etc. etc. So many questions that nobody would need to answer if the movie just made some common sense.

Flash is almost a carbon copy transposition of Quicksilver in the X-men movie. I honestly do not notice Cavill’s (lack of) moustache, and I was looking for bad CGI but still can’t find it. The worst CGI is reserved for Steppenwolf. I can’t believe his face is so unnatural. Maybe they are explaining the bad CGI away by saying he is alien???

After this I couldn’t care less about any character introduced here. Maybe only Cyborg, if they want to go grimdark. (Grimdark isn’t the problrm, Nolan’s Batman is pretty dark but it works. The problem is with the direction and writing.)


So the latest news isn’t official, but it sounds like Snyder was actually fired from Justice League months before he publicly announced he was leaving due to the death of his daughter.


I don’t want to defend Snyder because he has a pretty shit record as a director, but maybe his work nosedived BECAUSE of his daughter’s death. The insinulation is that his daughter’s death is an excuse, but I don’t necessarily buy it.

And I honestly have no interest in the truth. It is not anyone else’s business to pry when someone is dealing with the death in the family.