Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie


Yep, just awful. Didn’t look great on photos to begin with, but once you see all that in motion–especially the face–it’s just … yikes.


The fact that Lois Lane is in the trailer is a huge indication that Supes will be in the movie for sure. After all, someone needs to save the JLA from Darkseid. Although I’m pretty sure it was Bats who saved the day in the new 52 version.

I mean, it can’t be worse than Suicide Squad, right? Right?


I’m no Snyder fan - he’s got no feel for narrative and relies on the same cinematic tricks over and over and over again - but he can make some cool shots, for sure. Trailer was pretty cool, I thought.

The characters all look badass. Dig the way the Flash moves. Momoa as Aquaman is pretty great based on his bits of the trailer. Godot looks crazy awesome as WW IMO. And I’ve always been pro-Batfleck in concept, though it’s not like he’s had scripts worth a damn to work with.

Cyborg, though. What the fuck? Is he just there to remind us that DC is incompetent? Weird.


I’ve never understood Cyborg. Aren’t his exposed human bits vulnerable? Why doesn’t someone shoot him in the face, or attack him with a flamethrower?


I figure it’s like all those space marines in Warhammer 40K that encase their bodies in massive powered armor and then just - don’t wear a helmet. I like to think there’s a weird sense of honor among all their enemies, like Andre the Giant in Princess Bride: “I just want you to feel like you’re doing well.”


My roommate asked me what was going on in the shot where Lois is levitating and wearing a crown.


She’s Queen of the Earth, obviously. :P


No but seriously, he actually thought Mrs. Aquaman was Lois Lane in that brief shot. Didn’t realize it was underwater, or that it was a different actress. Which surprised me at first, but in the brief moment on screen and with no other context, I can sorta understand the confusion.


I’m not familiar with Cyborg in the comics, but I’m also struck about how horrifying the concept is (or at least this vision of the concept).

Would I want to be a bad-ass rich guy with a cool car? Sure! How about a guy who can run at incredible speeds. Why not? Wanna’ fly? Sure! Swim underwater and talk to dolphins? You betcha. Be a kick-ass immortal chick with a sword and a shield and great hair? YES! Ok, cool, would you mind having half your head and your entire body replaced with metal prosthetics?

Ummm … backs slowly away.

Feels like something out of the grimdark 80’s comic era.


All I know about Cyborg is from watching the Teen Titans cartoon with my son, and all that show tells me is that Cyborg is a big goofball. But then everyone on that show is a goofball, so that may not be a good yardstick.


Wasn’t he originally a Superman clone or something that appeared during the aftermath of Supermans “death” in the comics?

(and I have to confess that I was also initially puzzled about what Lois was doing in the ocean…)


Wrong cyborg.


Holy shit I do not remember that. It’s kind of disturbing.


Man, the whole aftermath of Death of Superman was a train wreck. It’s an amazing thing to think that Steel was the best thing to come out of it.


Teen Titans Go is a great show and better than anything DC has done since The Dark Knight.

I saw an ad where the cartoon Titans were watching an ad for this movie and Cyborg was all proud of himself and Robin was upset.



There is not enough facepalm for someone thinking the 80’s was the grimdark decade.


Wow, that’s a whole lot of useless on a single image.


Cyborg didn’t have a choice - he was severely injured in an alien attack so his father married him with future tech to save his life. A bit like Iron Man in that regard.

So is that Lois at about 1:45 in the trailer? Meera doesn’t float by until a few seconds later.


Everyone on the left is a kid version of a Justice League hero. Everyone on the right is a unique character. That’s kinda funny.

But seriously why do we need Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, etc?