Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox

The latest DC animated direct-to-DVD film is coming out next week. (Seemed more like a TV/comic thing than a movie thing, thus the choice of this forum.) Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox is supposed to release July 30 (per DC’s blog). Here’s a trailer, and a clip. I was able to see an advance copy, and I have to say I was impressed. It’s got the usual superhero silliness that you have to ignore…the entire Flash “oh I was hit by a bolt of lightning and a bunch of chemicals in a freak accident, but it’s easy enough to reproduce” backstory alone requires turning the brain off entirely…but once you get past that it’s a very fun ride. I still haven’t read any of the Flashpoint comics (or the new 52 stuff, for that matter) so I can’t comment on how close the stories align, but I can say I thought the movie was well done. I especially like what they did with Batman. Oh, and Tom should enjoy the fact that Aquaman is a badass in this one.

And now for spoilery stuff

[spoiler]I really liked the Amazon/Atlantean war idea. When I was reading JLA in the 1990s/2000s, there were several Aquaman-Wonder Woman interactions that made you wonder if they were going someplace with that relationship, but it never really materialized. This alternate reality that shows how such a thing could have gone bad is a nice bit of homage to that.

Thomas Wayne as a crazed Batman is a stroke of genius. Again, probably not as much if you read about it in the comics, but it was new to me and I loved it. Seeing a Batman dual-wielding pistols almost makes me wish our Batman didn’t have such a hatred for firearms.

There were quite a few little cameos that I appreciated. All the various Atlanteans fighting on the same side is neat, especially since in the normal continuity half of them fight each other and a few more are dead. Deathstroke captaining the USS Ravager was a nice touch. And Lois Lane as a battlefield reporter fit in very nicely in a Superman-less world.[/spoiler]

Bought it on Vudu (they offer a lot of stuff a week or two before wide release if you buy it) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s probably my favorite DC Animated movie since Frontiers and the two part Dark Knight Returns adaptation. I wasn’t terribly fond of the art, but the story was absolutely fantastic. Can’t recommend it enough!

Just saw this and thought it was very good! Didn’t know much about Flash’s history so was definitely surprised that chemicals + lightening = super powers equation, but it’s no sillier than any other heroes when you get down to it. Surprisingly dark! Fair amount of blood, kids getting killed and an alternate take on Batman. Really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone that likes super hero cartoons.

I picked up the Dark Knight Returns BD a couple months ago but haven’t watched it yet ( I want my boys to watch it with me but they’re always dicking around in DOTA and WOW ;-) ) but I loved the comic. I hadn’t seen any of the DCU movies but finally playing through Arkham Asylum got me more interested in the Bat. I watched Batman:Under the Red Hood on Netflix and holy crap that was awesome. I knew they were supposed to be really good but I just sort of assumed that meant “really good when compared to other direct to video animation” but it was great. It was much darker and brutal than I expected in a good way I didn’t feel it was gratuitous.

I wanted to mention if anyone want’s the The Flashpoint Paradox I found it last night on Amazon Instant Video for $10 HD with the bonus features, I have no idea what they are. The “Non Bonus Features” one is $15 so it was an easy decision to make. I watched the movie last night and as everyone says it’s amazing. Just prepare for Mind+Blown I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll phrase this carefully. I absolutely loved the cameo, for lack of a better term of one of the villains from the old Superfriends cartoon.

Well worth the $10

In many, many ways, the DC series of animated films is far superior to any of the live action Marvel movies.

It’s a shame DC keeps canceling the good animated TV series.

Yes, yes it is. :(

I couldn’t find a thread for Justice League: War (possibly because I’m bad at search), but is it any good? I liked Flashpoint Paradox, probably my favorite since Under the Red Hood.

I watched War and it just didn’t click with me. There were some good things about it, but for some reason it just felt off to me. I know it’s based on the “52” reboot DC has been undergoing for the last couple of years, so maybe I’m just not a fan of the re-imaginings that brings.

I would place it slightly above Gotham Knights in quality…and Gotham Knights is (and will remain, I’m betting) at the bottom of that list.

War was terrible. Really sexist too, towards Wonder Woman. They even called her a “bitch.”

You sure that’s your ranking? Gotham Knights wasn’t the best but it was miles ahead of Superman/Doomsday.

I would watch Superman/Doomsday over that poor excuse for anime any day.

I have to agree with this. I was disappointed with how Wonder Woman was portrayed. I liked the movie well enough, though. My favorite line, though, was, “Don’t tell me you’re just a guy in a bat costume.” That was pretty funny.

A new one came out recently that I watched at a friend’s house…Justice League Adventures: Time-something… It was terrible. Like a Superfriends movie. Worst. Batman. Ever.