Justify this one, morality apologists

Teacher Fired for Becoming Pregnant Out of Wedlock


Christianity sucks etc etc

“a fourth grade teacher at a Florida Christian school,”

It’s a private school, probably with an ethics code. They can fire her for things like that. It’s stupid; I don’t agree with doing it. However, I’m not sure what to say about it.

Yes, I think this is it. It’s unfortunate, and she may have a civil case, but I’m sure the school also has an argument.

In the Catholic schools where I live a teacher who divorces and remarries without getting an annulment from the Church can be dismissed. They are supposed to be moral examples for the children they teach.

Loosing your job because of personal issues that has no impact whatsoever on the job is really horrible. People should have the right to job security, and I hope she wins her lawsuit.

She’s pretty much shit out of luck, given the employer and case law.

yeah, the school is stupid and backwards, but that’s their prerogative as long as they can demonstrate consistent application of this rule. it’s a school that sells itself on teaching and embodying a certain set of morals.

This isn’t the first publicized case where a teacher in a private religious school has been fired for getting pregnant outside of marriage, so I’m a little surprised this teacher was expecting her coworkers to congratulate her, especially since she surely had to know how conservative they were if she worked there. And homosexuals can be fired from private religious schools (or not hired in the first place) in a similar fashion, if the school teaches that homosexuality is sinful.

Ah yes, the freedom to discriminate! God bless the USA!

It’s too bad the teacher didn’t fudge the pregnancy date because she was married three weeks after she conceived. Just a simple “I’m not sure” probably would have sufficed.

Whatever happened to forgiveness? Wasn’t that a big part of the New Testament? Too bad the school officials can’t see their way to practicing that part of the message of Jesus.

When I was in fourth grade I knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about my teacher’s private life, she could have been an ex-con for all I knew. I don’t see how her having sex outside of marriage would ever come up in the class room. Do fourth graders have the inspiration and wherewithal to number crunch conception, marriage and delivery dates?

Surprisingly, (or not), this appears to be correct.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII),prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, or national origin

Notice the conspicuous absence of sexual orientation.

Then we have this:

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is a proposed bill in the United States Congress that would prohibit discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity for civilian nonreligious employers with over 15 employees.

Notice this is only a proposed bill and not a law and that it would not be valid for religious institutions anyway.

I believe it. If sexual orientation was included in that, I figure the U.S. military would also be obligated to follow it.

Some states have added Sexual Orientation to their list of Protected Characteristics. It’s illegal in California, for example, to take it into account in hiring decisions.

Forgiveness for what? Sure, they had sex before they were married. Sure, they conceived a child before they were married. The key point, however, is that they’re married. Regardless of when the child was conceived, this couple did the absolute best thing they could have chosen to done - according to Christianity - once the child was conceived.

Now, if they had conceived a child and they had no plans to get married… well, sure. But wouldn’t having a woman on staff who had sex before marriage and then get married to the guy with whom she had sex be a positive role model for students?

As a Christian who didn’t have sex before marriage, I’m baffled.

No no, they got the order of things wrong and that’s what they care about. Can’t have kids having sex with the promise that if shit hits the fan they’ll get married after all.

If the MAGIC SPELL of the marriage ceremony wasn’t spoken over their bodies before they engaged in carnal communion, the adversary god of an ancient tribe of Semitic goatherds surely entered their loins and tainted their child. It’s obvious.

No - this is a group of people who believe in abstinence-only contraception. The problem isn’t that she was pregnant outside of marriage - it was that she was screwing the guy she married before God’s official representative signed off on the whole thing in triplicate. The moral that they want to convey isn’t, “If you get knocked up, you should probably form a family unit with whatever set of genitals you used to create the situation” - it’s “DON’T FUCK IF YOU’RE NOT MARRIED YOU GODDAMN HEATHENS.” If you buy into their particular weird hive of beliefs, her behavior is incompatible with the position that they’re trying to represent, though I would think that as a Catholic, she ought to be able to do some kind of penance and avoid losing her job.

Of course, I do find it a little bit hard to work up sympathy for her, given that she had to know this was coming. If she didn’t agree with the rules and realized she was pregnant and wasn’t going to eliminate the situation without letting anybody else know, that’s the point at which she probably should have started looking for another job - that or she could have just lied about the date of conception.

I think the school was perfectly justified in firing her for breaking one of their rules, whether you agree with the rule or not is immaterial; she agreed to the school’s rules when she applied for that job.

Obviously, there is more to this than we are reading. If the teacher was a great teacher and loved by all, I think they would have overlooked the issue. The fact that they did not, especially since her marriage date was close enough that the issue could be avoided being explained to the children, shows that she was probably a below average teacher and this gave them a valid reason for releasing her.

So the school was right, she was probably a bad teacher and was “below average” because she didn’t tell her students about her personal life?

Did you even read the article?

“There were never any complaints about her teaching. The school said she was an outstanding teacher,” he added.