Kaby Lake System Build


Hola, from my new system. Everything is so snappy! And fast. What a pleasant experience. It is so fast that I feel that the BIOS boots up pretty slow, almost 5 second slow before the Windows logo appear. Nevertheless, the z270 Asus is a really nice board. The BIOS is just so pretty these days. I have been missing out indeed. Thanks to @stusser for his tips so far. Appreciate it man!


Grats! I recently upgraded too, with a Z270E and 7700K - thanks to this thread! :)

With a (difficult to find in Au) Cryorig cooler, thanks @ArmandoPenblade


Gratz to you then. I went with some cheapo CM cooler… but even it’s supposed to be low profile or something, it is still too wide for me to comfortable put the RAM in slot A1/B1. I had to go with A2/B2. Why in the world do people create RAM slot so near the CPU? We all can’t afford liquid cooling, you know :)


Probably because the memory controller is in the CPU so they want it as close as possible to that.

I was worried about the cooler not fitting too, which is why I checked the Cryorig measurements before buying - it’s nicely compact (it’s the H7) and doesn’t block my slots.


Is it normal for MS activation servers to be unavailable all the time? I am not able to activate my Windows!


You’re in Malaysia IIRC. You can’t call? I never had a problem calling MS for activation. Nice indian lady asks some questions and they activate. Dunno if different for Windows 10.


I didn’t do a fresh install. I am just using the existing HDD from the old system. With Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the license key is tied to the MS account which I used to logon to Windows. I could just logon again to the activation server and tell it that I have moved from another “device” to this one. Then it should update.

I have to say that my Windows 10 was the free license that MS gave out during the early days of Windows 10.

I’ll try and give them a call tomorrow to see.


Even with low profile memory?


Perhaps he was cutting off parts of it to increase the airflow?


Oh god can we please turn likes back on for this one post?


That shouldn’t matter, as my Windows 10 license is of the same vintage as yours and activated fine on my new hardware using the latest edition.


After trying for almost the whole evening yesterday, I was able to get it activated this morning. Looks like there ARE issues with their activation servers.

On an unrelated note, I can tell that my old SSD is struggling to keep up. It doesn’t feel that way on my old rig but I can tell. Either that or it’s dying but the intel SSD Toolkit seems to report a healthy SSD. Old tech don’t play nice with new tech. More wallet-hack.

I just realise I didn’t thinking of getting a mobo with Bluetooth! It will be useful to have a bluetooth headphone paired with the board. UGH!


Did that AIO cooling stuff even exist in 2002? Because that would be the timeframe…


Like, perhaps, drilling holes in the radiator to decrease air resistance?


I got a swiftech h240x, it’s my lazy venture into water cooling… I like it a lot it looks shwifty with the neon lights and shit going on with the mobo.


New PC build but running on old SSD and HDD. Was treated to a rude awakening this morning.

It was fine just the day before and I was gaming. I even had a proper shutdown and this morning it plainly refused to boot. What stupid luck.

Looks like I have no choice but to fork out money for a new drive. Here’s what available…

Between M2 PCIe and M2 SATA, which is the one to go in terms of cost/GB balance. And what brand? WD? PCIe seemed like the favourites here. I don’t even know if the new Asus Z270-Prime supports M2. Any advise will be appreciated.


960 evo all the way. Be sure to add a heat sink for @stusser!


He’s such a helpful guy, so I might just do it :)
But 250GB vs plain old M2 for 500GB.


before you throw the SSD away. disconnect it and just connect it to a power source for ~20-30mins.

Then reconnect it to the PC and try. It’s a weird trick that may help recover the drive. I experienced a dead drive after a sudden powerloss and was led to a video describing the recovery steps on the net.

You can try it.

PS: The power cycling supposedly resets the drive from the mode that the drive entered in a sudden powerloss.


One… weird trick?