Kaby Lake System Build


Interesting but that didn’t seem to work. Some said that it could be a software corruption, not a physical defect so I’m downloading a Windows boot image to check it out. Anyway, it’s also an excuse to get a new hot drive :) If this one didn’t die, I can put GTAV on it.


Sorry to hear that.

Enjoy the hot new drive though =)


Took your advise:


That’s the drive I have. It makes me so happy.


Can’t go wrong with the 960 evo!


Indeed. It makes me think that I don’t really need a SATA SSD drive ever. I mean, I still have another M.2 slot and I could just get a 500GB one and be done. No more spinny disk ever!

Btw, do you install and use the Samsung Magician software?


No need for the software.


What is an acceptable temp for a CPU at load? Have been playing The Division in the past few days and I notice that the 7700-K hovers around 70C-75C using just heatsink and fan cooling. Idle (non gaming) is around 50C.


At full load, maybe 85C at most. But full load is running something very intensive on all cores like prime95, not playing a game. 75C is fine, it won’t throttle.


It sure made my room feels hot. I think I need an a/c… :)


Its crazy to look at my build a year later and realize how much money I saved by not waiting.

Back in 2017 I paid $200 for that 32GB of memory. Today it sells for $449 on newegg.

Mobo and CPU have barely dropped $20 each from what I paid.

My Gigabyte GTX1080 which I bought in October 2016 for $550 now sells for $900+ if one can be found in stock…

So I spent $1350 on parts in 2017. It would cost around $1900 today for the same parts and that is if I could find a videocard in stock.


That’s nuts. I spent around $600 for a 1080 when they released and was kind of berating myself at the time for splurging on something that would certainly be much cheaper in short order.


The GTX1080 MSRP dropped to $499 and it was available at that price briefly. Then the 1070ti came along at $449 offering nearly identical performance, and it was available near its MSRP for a short time too. The cryptocurrency stuff is just an aberration.


Crappy RAM prices and crappy SSD prices are not, though.



behold its transcendent glory!!


WTF dude, no RGB no sale!


Does that bitch ass shit even have IOT functionality so that I can deep chill my SSD from a rarely updated Chinese smartphone app that routinely sends my banking info to a Triad server in Shenzheng when I am on my way from from work for a sick ass gaming session? No? UTTER GARBAGE


Does this thing fit into a PCIe slot? I can’t tell by looking at the box.


Waiting for a water cooled option.