Kameo online co-op patch is out

Noticed it on Marketplace last night, haven’t checked it out yet. Anyone still have Kameo and want to try?

Marketplace? Does that mean you have to buy it with MIcrosoft Molah? How much does it cost?

I was hoping for a online coop patch for Kameo when it was released, since I had a buddy I could run through the game with, though he has finished it now, and I hardly play my 360… But its good to see it finally showed up. :-)

No, it’s free. Marketplace is just what they call the download area. Trailers and demos appear in the Marketplace too. There’s a set of Halloween costumes and some other costume set there too, now. Those cost money. I guess for the horse armor crowd :)

I might try hooking my x360 up tomorrow and see if I can download it… not subscribing to the service so I cant play online anyway.

Thought I did find out that if you create a new passport every month, you get 1 month free XBOX Live Gold per passport account.

Dont tell anyone though.

Good thing nobody here works for Microsoft. :)

Wouldn’t that require you to change gamertags, though? That would kind of defeat one of the main purposes of Live…

It would defeat the intended purpose of XBL, for MS to get money both from you subscribing to the service to play online with a gamer tag, and for any marketing impressions the subscriber would get through MS disclosing that information to a 3rd party, or for advertisements in the Marketplace/Arcade/whatever…

If the “Subscribers” intended purpose is to play online, regardless of the gamer tag, its irellevant if they are using the same tag they had a month ago or not, obviously your achievements and friends list etc will suffer for it.

I miss my original achivements though, so if I ever decide to subscribe I’ll use my “launch” profile and not the second one I created. [The purpose of the creation was to find out if I was able to download content with a Passport registered in the US vs the one I had registered in Afghanistan (or was it Norway) But it looks like my download issues are not linked to the passport (I think).

The Achivements system has a bigger appeal than playing for free though… they are sneaky bastards for implementing RPG style achivements (at least from where I first saw this kind of system) into a subscription service. :-)

The ~$4 a month is most definitely worth it. I’d rather pay that then mess with creating new accounts every stinking month for some big Stick It To The Man campaign. And as far as I can tell (or care), my privacy hasn’t been horribly invaded because of it, either.

Did you go to the System blade and change your region as well?

Cant remember; gonna check it out tomorrow so I can at least get the 360 update and the Kameo Patch.

Stay tuned —

I hate the blade system on the 360 btw, anyone know of any XBOX360 Developer blogs (they’re sooo in right now) where they mention anything about not having a “#&” animation whenever you change a blade?

Dude, the “animation” is only like a split-second. No slower than alt-tabbing in Windows. :)

No, that wasn’t what I meant.

This is what I meant…

Connected the 360, downloaded the XBA Update, noticed that the blades now move a lot faster (yay!.. ), and the 25MB Kameo Coop Update downloaded as well. Gonna try to download some game demos and perhaps they also work now…

I’m curious how this game would work with co-op. Seems like it would be really easy.

I think it’s just co-op in the action stages. Like, the running around talking to people and the big battleground in the middle with hundreds of goblins (so much fun once you get Thermite!) is solo. But you know how you can re-play any action stage and try to get a better score or time? That’s the part you can play co-op.

Easy is not the opposite of fun.

Sounds neat, then.


Actually, I’m powering through The Longest Journey because Dreamfall is coming out next week. But I’d be up for a little Kameo anyway.