Kaplan defends Kerry's Cambodian Christmas Claim


Basically he uses Kerry’s wartime diary, the source that O’Neil is using to blast Kerry for “lying,” to prove Kerry is not lying.

But Kerry’s campaign has admitted Kerry was lying (in softer terms, of course). Kaplan looks like a complete jackass.

For those that Do Not Know …

Yes … we had American troops in Cambodia and Laos during the war, special forces, CIA, DIA, and others were inserted on an almost regular basis. Of course the Government will deny it because to admit it would show that we were invading sovereign countries without a declaration of war … :shock:

Did you actually read the article, or just post a link someone sent you? Nothing in his diary quoted in Kaplan’s piece says anything about being in Cambodia in 1968 at Christmas, because as MrJoshua points out, his own campaign admits he wasn’t. Kaplan’s whole argument is ridiculous, both because all his “proof” is conjecture, and because he’s fighting a battle that the Kerry campaign has already conceded. Even the last sentence of the article is a hedge – “near (or in?”).

Here’s a pretty effective critical dissection (August 24 -8:30 a.m. post) of Kaplan’s Slate article.

Charles- Wow, really??? Impossible. I’ve never heard that before.

Uh, I saw Platoon too. Good movie. But that ain’t exactly breaking news.

Also, “the Government” doesn’t deny that we were in Cambodia anymore. We did at the time, but the article that MrJoshua links to has official sources that discuss our involvement.

Are you “Rich” coming back under another name? You’ve added inappropriate capitalization, but you’ve got the same content.