Kareem has a blog?

Who knew:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s blog

I’m not all that regular a Huffington reader, so the notion that a famous athlete would have a political blog comes as something of a surprise to me. I suppose that’s jockism at its worst… I just assume that guys like that have retired to their palatial estates and hibernate most of the year until its time for another awards ceremony of some sort…

While KA-J’s conclusion that sexism in Horton leads to racism in society and that’s why sexism in Horton is bad* is a bit odd to my mind, it does seem like that movie might have been vetted by someone who gave a damn. I don’t care too much about political correctness in entertainment for grownups, but I do think children’s stuff should be reasonably balanced when possible. Since this subplot he identifies as profoundly sexist was tacked onto the original story in the book by screenwriters, you’d think they would have paid a little attention to it from that point of view.

I also agree with that Onion post on the subject, horrible in scansion though it may be: Stop Making Movies About My Books

*Oversimplified for rhetorical effect.

I thought you meant Tranquility and I was wondering why this was in P&R.

Haha, me too.

Isn’t Kareem supposed to be somewhere in Germany hunting for Nazi gold?

Uh, what Tranquility are you talking about?

Kareem is a poster here who changed his name from Tranquility awhile ago.

I once randomly ran into Kareem in a Tower Records in West LA. A few months before they closed the thing down. All I remember was how out of scale he seemed compared to the rest of the store.

Anyway, I just thought I’d, uh, mention that.

Tranq’d :(

I heard a better (negative) review of Horton on NPR. Having seen it, though, I think most of this discussion is irrelevant: It’s a very mediocre, mailed-in kind of movie, and it will fade into well-deserved obscurity.

I love Dr. Seuss, but the writers apparently were way over their heads and just mailed it in.