Karen Gillian in DUAL: Nebula and Jesse Pinkman team up to fight a dual

Anyone catch this dark comedy?

Huh it came out in 2022. I did a double take thinking Yorgos Lanthimos directed it.

I watched it a while back. It definitely takes a page from Lanthimos. It wasn’t very memorable. I’d definitely recommend Infinity Pool over it.

The Finns strike again! Dual is a superlative black comedy and I’ve mentioned it a few places over the years. Here’s what I wrote about it in the thread for a terrible sci-fi movie called Spiderhead:

Did you like it @rei? I’m all for starting threads for movies you’ve just watched, but can you maybe tell us a little about what you thought? What worked or didn’t work for you? How did you come to watch a two-year-old black comedy from Finland? Have you seen Gillen rolling out her comedic chops in the Jumanji movie?

P.S. Hope you don’t mind my edit to your subject header. I always feel a little “WTF” is a good way to spice up a subject header.

I liked it but the whole interstated creepy undertone made me alternate between wanting to shut it off and keep watching much like Apple TV+'s Severence.

I am a wussy and never ever watch horror or thrillers always looking up the jump scares and deaths if I ever am in an unavoidable social situation where I’m forced to watch horror through half-shut eyelids pretending to be sleepy.

I only watched it because the genre description said sci fi comedy! I was tricked!