Kari Byron talks pregnancy myths

She’s pregnant, it seems, and wrote an article for a web site for soon-to-be moms. I figured other Mythbuster fans might want to read it…

I like that magnet trick.

It makes me sad that people believe those things.

Is it Tori’s?! I’m such a shipper!

Even if it isn’t, it will be in my fanfics!

I was hoping they would do a “pregnancy myths” episode of Mythbusters. We chose not to find out the gender of either baby, and its hilarious (but a little sad) all the ridiculous theories people have on how to tell the gender.

The general hysteria surrounding pregnancy is a pet peeve of mine. I have heard some crazy things, like caffeine being SO DANGEROUS to the baby that you aren’t even allowed to eat chocolate. A friend did some research on this, and it turns out the caffeine thing is all based on ONE study that showed drinking six cups of coffee a day would put undue strain on the baby’s heart. Well no shit sherlock.

You’d need a ferrous wedding ring. On the other hand, if it works, you’d know how cheap your husband is.

Wow, she already looks like a mom in some of those photos. No, I don’t know what that means, she just has some kind of ‘momness’ about her, especially the magnet-on-a-fishing-rod picture.

Let the MILFiness commence.

I had people tell me that Rose would be a boy because of the shape of my belly. When I told them that girlparts were clear as day on both ultrasounds they would always say “Well, you know how inaccurate those things are.”

I think it’s the over the hill I don’t care anymore look.

I agree. Kinda freaked me out a little, that there’s that much change in her…

When my wife was pregnant with my daughter, they were unable to see the relevant area well enough to determine the sex. At first they thought she was a boy, but then it turned out they were looking at the umbilical cord. I wonder what percentage of the time they can’t definitively tell. That was 16 years ago, too, and I have no idea how much ultrasound technology has progressed since then.

But yeah, not being able to get a good look is not at all the same as being “inaccurate”.

Kari Byron’s pregnant? Fuck.

crosses off #2

See you do a photoshoot for Maxim and about a year later this is what happens.

Yes isn’t it awesome? Old wives’ tale > actual photo of gender!

It’s like… a million geeks cried out in pain and was suddenly silenced!

yeah I had no idea. And I"m with Pogo, she’s like number 3 on my list though.

You people need to attend a roller derby. She looks just like the humorless lesbians that populate those things, so perhaps you would all be in heaven.

Also: Horse mouth.

Every messageboard has one.

How about that Scarlett Johansson? Fugly isn’t she…

It might just be that some of those photos of her are really unflattering. I have otherwise never seen her before.

I would be content just to have sex with Scarlett Johansson’s voice.