Kaspersky or no?


I have been using Kaspersky as my antivirus software for a while. Now the New York Times explains that the reason I have been losing a lot at Twilight Struggle lately is that Putin has hacked my computer. Is this alarmism? Real concern that should only concern the gummint? Or a valid reason to switch?


I just use Defender with MBAM Pro.




You should not be using Kaspersky. It is absolutely a tool of the FSB.

Windows defender will do a pretty solid job these days, without a hit to your performance.


That’s an op-ed, not a news story. They aren’t doing widespread surveillance, because they would be discovered nearly instantly. Targeted surveillance is certainly plausible, but why would they target you?

That said, I wouldn’t use Kaspersky, no.


I know - I also don’t think that I am losing at Twilight Struggle because of Putin. I mean, solely because of Putin.

Thanks. And thanks to all the other replies. Looks like I will let my Kaspersky subscription run out in 2 days.


I’m sorry that my skill at Twilight Struggle has cost a sale for our honest, hard-working comrades at Kaspersky.


Lol, you don’t get to leave


Aren’t a lot of people here going with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes anti-exploit (paid or free versions?).



I use windows defender plus malwarebytes anti-malware on-demand. For exploit protection I use EMET, but windows defender will include those hardening measures in the next update coming this October, so EMET will be EOL’d.


Yes, the FSB probably doesn’t give a shit about you.

But still, installing what is effectively malware from the FSB still seems like a bad idea to me.


Exactamundo, which is why I wouldn’t use it.


I use Sophos, whose beta currently includes the anti-spyware. This bundling will be called the Premium and will be require a subscription. Sophos Antivirus without it is free.


Just use Defender which works fine. Oh and of course don’t do the usual stupid stuff like clicking on random Pr0n links in emails.


Defender and Chrome with an ad blocker.


Any other good free av packages that people can recommend? I just installed bit defender. I read an article that using windows defender alone was not good because a lot of these virus packages target defender since it is installed on every machine.


Defender plus Malwarebytes paid version here for the past couple of years, and zero problems.


Yeah. I have a sister-in-law who plays a lot of flash-based games, streams tv shows from sketchy websites, and is very non-technical. Just last weekend I told her to pay for Malwarebytes, and I think its a good choice / combination with defender.


I remember Kaspersky from years ago when Blizzard recommended it to prevent keylogging, which was becoming a huge problem at the time and many WoW accounts were being stolen. I seem to recall Kaspersky produced a lot of false-positives, though. I was happy to uninstall it when Blizzard came up with authentication codes.

Defender + MBAM for me. I only use MBAM because I have a lifetime account.


Another Defender/MBAM recommendation from me. I have 3 kids so I got the 3 key lifetime account and haven’t had any issues since moving to using solely Defender and Malwarebytes Pro/Premium.