Kassavin leaves gamespot

People move around a lot I know, but Greg pretty much was the face of Gamespot imo. I’m curious as to which dev he’s off to work for. I know he posts around here too (though rarely) so can we get the scoop?


Wow, that’s a surprise. I’ve always liked Greg as a reviewer, he seemed to jive with my viewpoints more often than not. I’ve always had GS bookmarked since as long as I can remember, and Kassavin was always the main reviewer there to me. It’s weird to not see his name attached to a review anymore… but it’s kinda cool to unleash a guy with a critical eye into the industry.

I’m getting the same feeling that I got when Lum left to Mythic. “Damn! What website am I gonna read NOW!?!?!”

He’s the main reason I visit Gamespot. One of the few there who isn’t a man-child trying to appear youth-friendly by wearing skater punk or hip-hop clothing and talking street slang from 2 years ago. He’s actually someone you’d want representing your hobby on a mainstream news show etc.

The industry could use more dreamers, not critics.

I always liked his video reviews.

Greg K is one of my favorite reviewers and I almost always agreed with his reviews. He was level-headed, fair, well-versed, and articulate. Dirt, your statement is kind of rude in light of who’s being discussed.

There’s more than enough room for both.

I’ll take the critic who can refine a game to a polished sheen along with the dreamer who comes up with the loony ideas that are just so joyful to play they addict you.

I take the blame.

Actually, Greg is someone who I have read and respected for years. Since there’s no better place to do it, one of my only regrets from my time at Kotaku was letting another writer get an unedited attack piece on Gamespot through without more crtical reporting, which was totally my fault. The premise was solid, but the reporting was not. When I brought this up to Greg at the Sony E3 party he was obviously upset, but professional enough to let me stammer a half-hearted apology.

Anyway, best of luck, sir. You do good work.

Along with Seth at the New York Times, GK breathes rarified air. I would never hesitate to call him a professional journalist first and a gamer second. It will be a loss.

I have little to add other than I always thought Greg ran the editorial staff at gamespot, given his proliferation and maturity of writing.

It’ll be kinda odd to read RPG reviews now and not see his name at the end. I don’t know how to decide on games anymore. :(

I’m going to miss seeing Greg’s work at Gamespot. I think he turned Gamespot into the highest-quality online gaming magazine. I always liked his written and video reviews. Good luck on your new ventures Greg.


Take a deep breath, pinard.

He should at least start a blog or something. It’s hard to find a reviewer I like.

This is indeed sad news.

Does this mean that… ummm… Gerstmann is going to be editor in chief now?


Whatta way to start off twenty-oh-SAVAGE!

Wow. He started at Gamespot about a year after I started at CGW. Does that leave Jeff Green as the longest running editor in showbiz?

Hmm, wonder where he’s going? Not sure I’m impressed by the dev tools at his new employer…

Is Kasavin more into PC or console games or does he hit the WoW-crackrock? Green Monster Games might be a place, or perhaps Bioware Austin, if the latter is the case. I think they are both hiring…

Any other guesses?

Well he’s the one in charge of the Gamespot weekly PC newsletter, but he reviews titles across platforms. He reviewed WoW for Gamespot, but I think he stopped playing it ages ago so he isn’t the WoW-crack type.

Either way, nothing to add here, but it’s really sad to see him ago and I do hope he starts a blog or something. His reviews were impeccable.