Katamari Damacy!

It seems like every Christmas time there is a game, a dark horse if you will, from the Far East that is so creative, so different from everything else. Last year, it was Culdcept. This year, Katamari Damacy (PS2). I’m sure some of you have heard and possibly have seen this game popping up in various websites or maybe at E3. I just picked up the game this morning, but from everything I have read, seen and heard of this game is that it’s amazingly creative and deserves your time and money. The game retails for 20 dollars and is in limited quantities. Even if you are somewhat interested in the concept, I highly recommend you go out and find it before all is gone and ebay’s minimum bid is 50 bucks.

Anyways, I’ll be playing this tonight when I get off of work and do a small preview/first impression tomorrow if I get the chance.

Here is the website…


You bastard! I wanted to make the Damacy thread :( My copy is waiting in EB right now, I’m gonna stop by on the way home. Can’t wait!

GO GO GO !!! :)

The game was released today and on the East side of Seattle is already out of stock. EBgames.com cancelled all of their preorders as well. None of the other stores that I know have it.

Yeah, I had to go to all three of the EBs in the city here before I found one (gutted) copy. Somebody was apparently running around buying up all the copies yesterday, which is kinda dirty. But I’ve got mine, sucka! And it was only $29.99 CDN

My local stores still haven’t gotten it in yet. They said yesterday afternoon, then this morning, and now it’s at this afternoon. That’s at Gamestop. The EB guy had never heard of it.

But it will be mine!

I prepaid and just got the call an hour ago, so my copy is safe. Maybe Katamari Damacy will be the new Rez.

That website is pretty sparse on details. The Gamespot review and the price did the trick for me. Thanks for the heads up dmiller. No thanks to Cathcart.

I’ve been looking forward to this thing for months… months! And the sad irony is that I don’t even have twenty lousy bucks to spare right now.

Tell me if they somewhere translated the lyrics to the awesome, awesome soundtrack. If not, I’ll translate it for you. “Now, Kitsune, that’s a nice enough offer, but its not really necessary,” you say? Trust me, knowing what they’re talking about (well besides Charlie Kosei’s song, which is mostly in English) will bring up your level of appreciation for this fantastic game another 10 or 20%, as its got some deviously clever writing.

Those of you who are worried that the game will be too short and shallow don’t be.

The main quest won’t take you very long granted, but this is not only a game where you can be inspired to go through and improve your scores, but a game with elegant level design and tweaking that you can think of many different ways to approach the levels. Because the katamari’s physics are so tightly tuned to whatever you stick to it and there’s so much stuff you get on it, you really get a sense of creatings your own unique balls. Plus, the order in which you stack things matters as well and the reactions of things (and people!) when you put them on the ball are similarly fun. Sometimes the game will throw out specific challenges for you to pass and these will inspire to make up your fun the game is so much fun. Plus, every single item you pick up has amusing, RPG-like descriptions of it and finding them all will take you a while. There’s some good “everything but the kitchen sink” unlockables as well.

Think of it as a modern-day Pacman, except with many of the things we’ve learned about game design since then.

On top of that, unless you have an incredible aversion to the Japanese language or can’t stand any singing in a language not your native one, the soundtrack will blow your socks off. Think of it as either paying $20 for a kick-ass game and getting a free bonus soundtrack than can hang tough with any of the music industry’s best releases, or vice versa, a $20 music CD with an awesome game attached to it.

Though really I think its worth $50. Everyone here had to pay about that much for it and no one balked, saying it wasn’t worth a money, I haven’t heard from the hardcore whiners that it wasn’t worth the money. This is not one of those short experience games you play once and pack away forever. The sheer enthusiasm, inspiration, glee and total abandon to the ways of fun shines through in every single pixel.

Besides, haven’t you always wanted to somehow cause havoc in society by being a green alien rolling people, cars and telephone poles into a huge snowball? (I have! I have!) Isn’t that on everyone’s “must do before I do I die” list? Katamari makes you feel like you are Godzilla, and at the same time it brings back the feeling of such titles like the Dreamcast Toy Commander (wasn’t some part of that development team helmed by the people who did the great Twinsen adventure games?)

Also, it sucks that Culdcept is considered unique over there. :/ Not that Culdcept is bad, but I wish more of those types of games got translated.


I happened to have lunch near an EB, so I stopped in to check on KD. It wasn’t anywhere on the shelves, so I asked the woman behind the counter if they had it. She had no idea what it was, but when I mentioned it released yesterday she remembered they had received one copy of some strange game. She rummaged around under some other miscellaneous game boxes and came up with their only copy of KD. I snapped it up immediately. I think the whole matter confused her, because she didn’t try to presell me anything. Maybe the lack of a strategy guide threw her off the usual pitch.

The mystery of the correct spelling continues, since the game box spells it “Katamari Damacy” but the seal label on the top spells it “Katamari Damashi.”

I’ve been told by two Gamestops in LA that they aren’t getting ANY copies of this game. In fact, I ordered two copies on Gamestop’s site after I saw that they had it listed as “Usually ships in 24 hours” but 48 hours later, no dice.

I really want this one, but finding it has turned out to be a bitch and a half.

I am a little disappointed by the fact that they didn’t at least try to come up with an American name for the game. That has got to hurt sales bigtime… Still, I’m glad they released the game here. It’s one of the most original games in a long time.



The Namco producer wants it to say Damacy in English.

Hey! Underwear monsters from Planet Bloog want to eat your forks with their PENIS!

I like to be smily smick the ricky ricky shick-a-wick blick!


Yep. I saw that too and went ahead and ordered. My order is now listed as “Backordered”. I also pre-ordered from EBGames . . . according to the phone rep, it should ship today.

Maybe I should call them again . . .

edit: Well, it looks like my EBGames order has shipped. There’s now a tracking number when I check the order. WooHoo!

I’m not sure if it is this thread’s doing, but the game has moved onto the EB - PS2 best seller list.

There’s talk that this game was one that was affected by the hurricanes for some weird reason that I cannot fathom. Either way, mine should be in tomorrow at Microplay. They were expecting it on Wednesday but it didn’t show. :(


Hooray! I got mine! EB got some in and I grabbed their last copy (or so they claimed). The clerk said “I’ve never even heard of this game, and now we’re sold out!”

He also called it “Virtual Dung Beetle”.

Just more proof that most EB employees really don’t count as gamers.

He’s pretty insightful, though. Gotta give him that.

My kids (and I) are totally digging this game, and it is clear to me that LSD is far cheaper and abundant in Japan.