Katamari Damacy!


My girlfriend picked it up for me, and managed to find it at the first store she went to. An EB, btw.


Raleigh’s Crabtree mall EB has ONE left. Haven’t seen it elsewhere.


I just got past the fifth star and have made two constellations (the crab and the swans). I’m really enjoying it- there is something really satisfying about bumping into large objects (like cats) at the beginning, cursing them out and later becoming so large that you pick the cats up.

I’m trying to go through the game really slowly and just soak it all in. The cutscenes (with the kids) are equally bizarre.


I feel it. I feel the cosmos.


Might be the best game I’ve played in years. As has been mentioned by others, the soundtrack is absurdly infectious. Multiplayer is a lackluster experience, but everything else is pure, undiluted awesome.


That kid freaks my shit out.


Did this game sell well in Nippon? Can we expect a sequel?


Anybody found a present yet? The King always talks about a present, but I’ve never seen one.

Totally diggin’ this game. Thank God for Japan’s willingness to try freaky game ideas out. I just can’t see a game like this gettin’ made by a US developer.

$20 bucks at Fryes in Renton, WA, by the way. Totally unexpected. They had one copy just sittin’ there and I grabbed it fast.


I have five so far. Most of them, I didn’t actually “find” so much as “run over blindly”, but they’re there.


Playing it at Cathcart’s last night, I got two presents. A chef’s hat and a scarf. Mike got a crown. Make sure you’re occasionally bumping into things and you’ll dislodge them to be picked up.



Yes, and yes!



According to GameSpot, 100k as of May 2004 and yes there will be a sequel “by the end of the year.”



Of course, the important question is “Will the sequel come to the US?”


At last spring’s Game Developers’ Conference, the designer of Katmari said that it was a very hard sell in Japan, too. A lot of potential developers/publishers’investors were dubious - for a lot of obvious reasons, frankly.

Liked what I saw though. Absolutely the coolest thing (besides the mini-Entity) that I saw in San Jose.



I love it. It has wonderful music, the writing is some sort of “infinite number of monkeys translating from Japanese = brilliant” and the look, ah the look, is reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s Python animation meets the Beatles in Yellow Submarine.

I am a fan! All hail Kamaroon Dartmousey!


I’m really enjoying it- there is something really satisfying about bumping into large objects (like cats) at the beginning, cursing them out and later becoming so large that you pick the cats up.

I hate that stupid cat so much. It’s even funnier though when you pick up your first cow. Mooooooooooo!


Nothing beats picking up skyscrapers in the final level. Lots and lots of frantic screaming.

The presents are nearly impossible to find, however. The only one that seems obvious is the Cool Mask, which is carried by the Flying Jumboman! in the final level. Everything else I’ve found was the result of pure luck.


Jesus, you bastards are killing me. I don’t think I can wait anymore.
It’s time to mod my PS2. Anyone know a good mod chip?


I now demand the soundtrack be released in the US. I saw that it was released in Japan, but can’t find a source for it here.


Kitsune, I wouldn’t mind some translations if you’re bored :)

The game is awesome, the music is awesome, Namco is awesome. Everything’s awesome. I love the feeling when you finally get the ball big enough to take on that next bunch of long stick-type whatevers, you really feel like it’s on. Plus, things that make cute noises and/or wiggle around like crazy when you run over them rock.

When I’m not playing I just leave the menu screen on and listen to the music (the in-game menu that you run around on, not the main title screen). You know how people ask you what kind of music you’d want played in a hypothetical world where they play music when you enter a room? If I was a weird green dude with an antenna and a widescreen head that would totally be it.