Katamari Damacy!


Best Buy is also stocking it, that’s where I scored two copies. (We’ll see if ebgames ever ships my order)


I was able to walk into my local Superstore (think of a glorified Albertson’s/Safeway for you American types) and pick up a copy without any difficulty last week…and there were at least a dozen copies sitting behind the electronics counter.

No, I didn’t buy them all. :wink:


I was playing this with my son this evening, we were having a blast. I wish you could do multiplayer in town, instead of just on the mushroom.
We played the Moon level, and he was alternately laughing out loud or saying “whooaaa” at how big the katamari was getting. What a hoot! It reminds me of an old schoolhouse rock short “that’s about the size, where you put your eyes, that’s about the size- of- it!” All about perspective. Anyway, my 6 year old and I are both blown away by the game.

Must be what a good acid trip is like. Perhaps that’s what inspired the idea in the first place.


I wonder if the game would sell better if it had a more recognisable name. ‘Katamari Damacy’ doesn’t exactly stick in your head. I really like the straight translation: Soul of a Clump or Clump Soul. They should have called it that.

Something Awful just did a photoshop contest on the subject of videogame crossovers, and while it was incredibly unfunny overall, the Katamari/GTA one was great. I’d play that for sure.


It seems to be selling okay, regardless of lack of attempt to american-game-up (“American McGee’s ClumpSoul: Death of Dark Stars: Let’s Roll!”) the title.


drastic, that had to be one of the best names ever.


No kidding. Wish I could be that snarky on demand.


Soul of a Clump would be better than jgjdkfgnjmdbfjksjfgdg. Translating the fucking name isn’t the same as Americanizing it. Jesus Christ.

I heard the game was selling well. Awesome.


Because of all you guys, and the fact that Canada is being stupid with the release of DDRExtreme (“It’s the 23rd; nope, now the 24th. Is the 29th good for you? Now we’re think of a magical number around October 9th. How about you just wait for us to call you?”), I had some extra cash burning a hole in my pocket: it was either buy a GameCube with Donkey Konga or $30 for KD. I happily stand by my choice. Of course, I also have Irritating Stick and Incredible Crisis, so my opinion may therefore count for less. I also need this soundtrack.


I can’t believe how fun this game is. And I also can’t explain it. It’s not particularly engaging gameplay really, or exemplary graphics, or anything simple like that. It’s just immeasurably fun to roll around and shuttle things up and then look to see what it was you just picked up. I just did the first two constellations, and really, really enjoyed Cygnus and the whole “What was in that egg?” part of it.

Overall though my favorite part is the vacuuming up of the air-fresheners near the toilet or my patient plans of revenge for mice/cats/dogs taht like to sneak up behind me when I’m little and knock things off my katamari.

And the music is simply wonderful.

I’m now really, really looking forward to Chulips as another quirky little game making it’s way over here on the vague hope it will be somewhere near as engaging as this.


Just found this game today… got the last copy at the local Gamestop and man oh man is it the best 20 bucks I’ve ever spent! Anyone out there who is on the fence about it, just buy it, you won’t regret it!


Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ’s Holy Ghost of Clump would be a much better-selling title, but only if they replaced the graphics of the teeny-tiny hammer-headed prince with a teeny-tiny Christ Crucified, steering the katamari about by hopping and twisting about to give it steering whacks of the crossarms. Not so much for language, but simply because of additional PR from controversy.

I’m on Make A Star 7 or 8 now–the stage where you have to grow from .5 to 6 meters. I ran out of timelimit at 5.5 or so.

Also, I really want to get hold of the soundtrack separately now. I think it’s laced with audio crack.


Cut it out!


It doesn’t? Katamari Damacy is the catchiest game name I’ve ever heard. It just rolls off the tounge.


You’ve just been listening to the song too much.


I finished Make A Star 5 tonight, and it was great feeling to go from 10cm to 2m and finally start rolling up all those punk kids and pedestrians that were kicking me around before. They definitely hit that obstacle/reward sweet spot like great games do.


…doesn’t exactly stick in your head.

If you find that a particular thing keeps bouncing off your head instead of sticking, or worse, actually knocks other things out of your head, you need to simply spend a bit more time rolling smaller things into your head first. Pretty soon you’ll find out that most anything can stick there.

But…that’s what they said.


Have only heard the song once. Always skip it :)


I have never heard about this game before this thread but…god it’s almost enough to make me run out and yoink my ps2 back from the ex…


Do it. As Cathcart said on Saturday as he and I took turns rolling up the town, “This is the new Pac-Man.”