Katamari Damacy!


Actually I was quoting Kitsune at the time, so don’t give me credit for that. Still, if I had to put it into my own words, I’d say it’s the new Pac-Man. But with more balls.


When will somebody make the new Rally X? :(


Tyler, the Best Buy near my office in hoover had it last night. I picked it up and I think there were a couple more copies sitting around. The wife and I played it last night and man is it awesome.


The search:

Went to Best Buy, where I saw about 15-20 copies a couple of days ago. No copies left. Went to a store clerk. Started to spell the name, clerk said “Oh, that game”, and went over to the now empty bins. Seemed a bit surprised to see them all go so quickly. Bought the last copy at gamestop.

The game:

Pure fun. The music is fantastic. It really makes me want the Ps2 drum game, simply for the fact that it will have one of the songs on it. The sense of scale is one of the best things it has going for it, IMHO. Starting from a hill, rolling around, then seeing that the hill was a table, is awesome.

P.S. Can you imagine this as an arcade game, with a giant trackball?


Woohoo! I have been sick and unable to get out, but this will warrant a mid-morning excursion.




You guys have finally done it. Pushed me too far. I’ve snapped.

I am buying this Virtual Dung Beetle game, and when the PSTwo comes out in 2 weeks I will grab that. (and just rent/borrow an old school PS2 until then.)

Now I just need to find some JRPGs that don’t have stupid plots or incredibly annoying angsty preteen heroes.


Welcome to a larger world. May I recommend Ico? It is an adventure game rather than an RPG, but whatever it is it’s awesome. (Oh, plus Rez, Amplitude, and Winning Eleven 7 too)



Any good recommendations on where to find Rez?


My cold dead hands.

Baring killing me to get my copy, ebay et al. Although the rumor going around is that there is going to be a reprint come november, for $20.


Any news if they are going to release the Trance Vibrator in the US along with the Rez reprint?


Getting the game update: One of the local EBs claim that they have it (FutureShop hadn’t heard of it, not in their computer, so they say november or december.)…

However, this local EB that claims they have it has 1 copy. And they don’t know where it is. The computer says that they have it, so they think it’s there somewhere… But they haven’t found it yet. Apparently each of the stores got about 3 in, all of which are gone except for this mystery copy.


Sorry for the derail, but could someone explain why everyone keeps recommeding Rez all over the place? Sure, it has nice rythm and pretty colours, but you really couldn’t make a simpler shooter even if you tried. I can appreciate its novelty as a piece of audiovisual modern art, but as a GAME it’s awfully mediocre.


Because your girlfriend can masturbate to it as you play.


Woohoo! I have been sick and unable to get out, but this will warrant a mid-morning excursion.


Last copy…YOINK!

Thanks again, Mr. McMaster. I owe you some BBQ.


…um, no, it’s because you can masturbate your girlfriend with it as she plays.

It’s good to play together, you troglodytes. :evil:


No shortage of copies at my local EB in San Fran, where I just picked one up.


I don’t think anyone will argue with you that there’s not much “game” to Rez, if you define game as a bunch of fun decisions. I think Rez is more about how evocative an electronic experience can be, and for me, it is one of the most potent games I’ve ever played.



Only played the first few levels so far, but this is great fun. Not sure how many non-Brits will appreciate this, but it reminds me a lot (at least stylistically if not in gameplay terms) of some of Sensible Software’s early stuff like Wizball.

And the music is great. This is what games are all about, escaping into a totally different world where you can be a kid again.


Since you mention Future Shop, I’m guessing you’re Canadian? Try Superstore (or Loblaw’s if you’re in the East). My local Superstore had a lot of copies sitting on the shelf.