Katamari Damacy!


For those in the Bay Area: the EB Games at the Stonestown Galleria had plenty of copies.


Ya, there isn’t one locally, but a google has located one in the little suburb-town outside of Victoria. I’ll go take a look if they have a copy.

EB still hasn’t found theirs, but claim that they will sometime today.


Great game. Innovative, simple, fun.

What’s up with the King’s package? Yeesh!

Unforunately, this is one of those fucking titles that gives me the FPS-itis. Nausea after 15-20 mins. of gameplay. Damn, damn, a thousand times damn. Evidently, anything with a 360 degree revolving camera is going to do it too me. Shit! Well, at least I won’t finish in one weekend. Crap!

Stupid old man equilibrium. damn.

[color=blue]Edited because in my debilitated state I put HPS-itis instead of FPS. MORON! 3 hours, still feeling icky. Damn. Shit. Hell. Piss.[/color]


It’s just a rolled up ball of garbage I hear.


Yep Stuporstore came through, with several copies on the shelf at 29.98 or so CDN (About exactly what I expected to pay.)

Now I just have to get a PS2. Probably rent one this aft if I can.


I am in love with this game. Have you guys spent any time looking through your collection? The descriptions are so…random… it just further adds weight to my belief that this game was designed by stoners, for stoners. Yay!

Now if anyone can tell the secret to getting past Star 7 (the 6m one) please let me know. I am really getting stuck there.

But in any case, on my short list for Game of the Year, any platform.


The only place anywhere near me that had it was the Gamestop in Frogtown, which is some of kind of black / Hmong ghetto.

Anyway, it’s great just like you’ve heard from everyone else. And I’m stuck on Make-a-Star Seven as well.

The game’s actually kind of creepy. You roll all these people into a ball and then shoot it into space where they cling to each other and scream silently into the void for all eternity. It’s some serious American McGee shit, but the music’s real catchy so you might miss all the horror.


Fun distilled into a $20 DVD case. Just fantastic. People have been downplaying the multiplayer, but it’s also a lot of fun, especially capturing the other guy’s katamari.

The game is very, very easy, but thank God. There is so much more room for error on the easy side, I’m tired of games requiring near-perfect play to advance. Sometimes I just want to pick some shit up with my rolling sticky ball.


Oooh, what level is that on?


I’m stuck there too. I can’t seem to figure out how to get to the area the King hints at. Worse, I think this level features my least favorite song thus far! Evil!


It’s been a while since I played, but 7 may be the level where you have to roll up into the schoolyard, then out through a hole in the wall (by the trees!) and up the hill. You can roll over there in a couple other levels but the way up the hill is often blocked off…


Oh, also: Spoilar!


Thanks, I did everything right but missed the hole. I went for the giant mushroom instead and ended up in the drink.


Heh, I got up on that building by sticking to a lamppost and using it to polevault up onto the building :)

  1. KD is just plain amazing.

  2. When is the Rez rerelease happening, anyway?


I finished it tonight. Just awesome. That last level is the best one in the whole game without a doubt. I was laughing out loud as I played it!

I still have some constellations to do, but the main game… wow. Love it! I’d like to know what people’s final size is on that last one. I think mine was 617m.



868m, 48cm.

Once you get big enough to roll up things like islands, tornados, and God, you should make liberal use of the turbo feature. I never did for most of the game, but when you’re that huge, it becomes difficult to build up top speed without using turbo. And the ocean is simply way too large for you to strip it clean of stuff if you’re not going at top speed a great deal.


The credits screen is pretty fun to play too.


Star 7 was definitely the most aggravating bit of the game, even after you figure out where the heck Crazy Dad is pointing you past 3 meters.

Just rolled up the final level, only 560ish meters, though. I’m clearly got to work on mastering the turbo boost, which is pretty much mocking my lack of skillz at the moment.


The Ursa Major star is to me as frustrating as Star 7 was (finally managed to beat it). I keep getting a nice sized Katamari and then something bumps me into or I don’t even notice that I just rolled up on a carving of a bear, so I get scolded by Pops for not bringin’ a proper good bear.

Also, I only tried it once (had to sleep) but the cow level was interesting. I immediately rolled over a bottle of milk and that was counted as a cow, ending my session in humiliation and embarrasment.

This game, how you say…r00lz.