Katamari Damacy!


I really enjoy the game except for the “you only can get one of X” levels. They don’t work because there’s this giant ball of trash constantly obscuring what you’re about to run over.

Thank goodness those levels are optional.



Star 7 took me three tries to do, and just barely did I pull it off. I didn’t realize until the second that you could get into the city by taking the water route. That helped me from stalling down in the park. Still tough though. I hated that damn car and those boulder holding guys. Get them too early and they block your path.


This game kicks some serious ass.

Rented a PS2 tonight and have been playing it, the girlfriend so far loves watching it, I’d like to get her playing soon too.


There is nothing more annoying, ever, than taking great pains to roll up an enormous katamari, one that might be able to pick up that huge Floating Bear Castle! inflatable playground (which supposedly is the second-largest bear object in the Ursa Major level), only to roll over a little sign you could barely see, and because the sign had a goddamn bear drawn on it, BAM the level is over and the King chews me out for my incompetence. I’ve basically given up on those levels.

And the North Star level - my katamari was 10m [size=6]3cm[/size]. That’s just fucking cruel.


Just beat it at 801m. It gets really hard to know where to go towards the end with everything gone and your perspective so high up. Plus the turbo thing really starts bruising my thumbs. I still have all the other stars to do though and to redo some of the earlier levels though. This game does make me want to play it again every now and then.


DId someone already ask this? Why no sandbox?!?! My 3 year old digs just rolling around bumping into stuff, but the time limit blows. When she an I are playing and I am picking up everything in site, it is a chore not to run over her little ball with a shoe and some cookies on it, but she is just as happy as can be. The 2-player mode does leave a lot to be desired.

Maybe Dramamine would allow me to play longer. Was there a thread about videogame nausea somewhere? Hmmmm. (Couldn’t find one, but I did find where I whine about my nausea problem in a thread ~ every four months. Jeez, shut up already, what a girl!)


Couldn’t you just put him on the first level? My daughter and I like to do the versus mode.


Just let her play with the time limit. Eventually she’ll get good enough at it to “beat” that level and then she’s well on her way to kicking Dad’s butt at games.

My three year old is behind me playing Pikmin 2 right now. He’s already got the first araa done along with the first underground. Sure, he has a lot of dead pikmin, but he’s also having a total blast learning how to play.

He only needs a tiny bit of supervision to play it.



Don’t feel too alone, Tyler, I get motion sick with most any FPS. A couple of weeks ago, I thought using a nice smooth source port would let me get through Doom (the first one), but as I discovered before even beating the shareware episode, that that wasn’t enough. Goldeneye, Marathon, and Metroid Prime are really the only FPS’s I can play, although I can hold it together for a little split screen Halo action once in a while.

I keep planning to sometime, spend a while determining the root cause and/or a solution, but then I realize that I’d be just wasting my free time getting myself sick.


Spoilers about the unlockable sandbox levels! Highlight to read…

[color=#eeeeee]There are three “Eternal” levels, which are basically the original levels but without a time limit. You can still wind up stripping the levels bare of anything to pick up, but it can take a very long time to do so.

Eternal 1 - beat stage 4 with a ball of 1m 30cm.
Eternal 2 - beat stage 8 with a ball of 25m.
Eternal 3 - beat The Moon with a ball of 800m.

Also, they won’t unlock until you win the entire game. So if you beat one of these threshholds, but the eternal level still isn’t available, it’s because you haven’t won Make The Moon.[/color]


I started playing this morning and quickly made myself horribly ill in less than 30 minutes. I played almost to the point of tossing my cookies so of course it took hours for the feeling to fade. Then the massive headache set in…


I played almost to the point of tossing my cookies so of course it took hours for the feeling to fade.

Don’t worry if you toss your cookies. On the first level your Katamari can roll up some new ones for you.


Finally beat that Star 7 level–yay!! Now I’m at the North Star level and have come as close as 9.5. Do you not officially beat this level until you hit 10.0 exactly???

Here’s one thing I’d like to see in Katamari 2: the ability to just restart a level (ala Burnout 3) without having to go all the way back out to the home planet and reselect the level.


Not to make it into Jet Grind Radio, but I’d like to see more jumps ( like in the park on the world level ) and more long descents ( like the Make a Star 8 level )… preferably not so obvious and all over the place. I love it when I find my own special path or method to an area, especially if it involves pole vaulting.


I picked this up yesterday and it seems incredibly fun. I must thank all of you for bringing this to my attention. My roommate and I played a bunch of games of multiplayer last night and while it could be better, we were having a blast.
The game seems very insane. I also must agree about the music, just fantastic.


Star 7 was tough. Thanks for the city tip. I kept trying to slam into the gates with the turbo (I HATE the turbo boost keying…)

I spent most of my time on Star 7 trying desperately to capture the Penguins. Ah, the satisfaction of rolling those little buggers up was terrific.


Any tips on where to find this one in the US? Any online stores or chains guaranteed to have it? Local stores seem out of the game in my neck of the woods.


I just got the game and my wife and I just love it. However, could anyone tell me:

(1) where are the damned presents?
(2) how do I get the wonderful soundtrack for this game?

Stuck at level 7 as well, that’s a tough one.

  1. I don’t know either. Lemme know what you find out.
  2. Here’s a link to a link to a link: http://www.quartertothree.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=308243#308243


The presents are just scattered throughout the levels; there’s exactly one in every level AFAIK.