Katamari Damacy!


There’s one present in every level except for Build A Star 1 and Make Cancer, according to the folks at GameFAQs. I found the ones in each Build A Star level, Build The Moon and Make The North Star.

The presents in BAStar 3 and (I think) BAStar 9 are total bitches to find because they actually aren’t just scattered in any random location. I had to get help to find both - in particular there was no way I would have ever found 9’s without knowing exactly what to do. For the others, I suggest not worrying about them until after you win the level once. Replay the level, and only worry about getting big enough to get past any of the “must be over 5M or whatever” barriers. Otherwise, spend a lot of time finding a safe vantage point and looking around. Almost all of them are found in mid-air, in some form or fashion.

As far as Make A Star 7 goes, most people seem to get stuck here because they miss out on a major part of the level that’s not necessarily easy to find. Go in the schoolyard, and after picking up all the stuff there, look at the wall over which you first climbed to enter the schoolyard. On the far right end (that is, when you look at it from the inside of the yard), you’ll see a hole. In MAStar 6, this hole in the wall only leads you to the roof of the gas station where you can pick up a few more items - no big deal. In MAStar 7, it leads you to a brand new section of the city. I think you need to be 3m to bypass the barrier located there.

Be sure to not only explore the new part of town but to go up the hill nearby - there’s a cow farm there, and by the time you’re big enough to get there, you’ll be big enough to pick up both the cows and the fences.

Once you’re done there, go back to the first part of town and maybe by the beach - the only thing that should stand in your way now are the trees and houses. Everything else will be fair game. It should be easy to win at that point.


You guys are the best! With the advice I’ve managed to get past level 7! Woohoo! =D Also wearing the first of many gifts (that damned scarf!)

Roger - great medley!


So, I’ve noticed somethign very interesting about the game thus far.

My girlfriend has no interest in it whatso ever. In fact, she wishes that the ball was spiked, or that it squished people as it rolled over them. Very violent, she is.

But my gun-toting, fanny chasing male friends are absolutely obsessed. They came over on Sunday night at 10 and comandeered the game from me. I have yet to get it back.

Exactly the opposite of what I was expecting to happen.

My North Star was 10 M 1 CM 3 MM. I rock. The secret are those large trees just outside of town. When you can pick one of them up, yet 10 meters exactly. Unforetunately, just one of those trees fires you past 10 Meters…

I agree that the get one of X levels suck major ass, but making the moon i sso much fun that it makes up for all the game’s short comings.

My wish for the sequel: No annoying high-pitches sirens or buzzes. When things come up behind you, it’s annoying as hell to hear that buzz, and when there are 30 seconds left, the siren gets in the way of the terrific music.


I got my copy at Best Buy, out of the bargain bin (!) The cashier asked me if I was “that guy that was going to sell it on Ebay”. I guess the leeches are planning on making a tidy profit. There’s already a full page of auctions. Going to try it tonight, then let my 2 year old and wife try too.


Does anyone know what Namco’s print run was on this game ? I would hope there’d be enough copies out there for everyone who wants one to get one, for Namco to make a decent profit from the US release, and for Namco to release the sequel in the US.


I just set the game up in our office, and everyone’s playing it now. Even the suit!


I’m one of those people who, when I see any foreign words, always think of rude words in my own language they resemble. So now whenever this thread gets bumped and I see its title in my peripheral vision, my brain processes it as “Catamite Assy Dam”


I saw a used copy when I was in EB at lunch today. Blasphemy!


catamite is a dirty word?


Dirty phrases, I guess, is what I meant.

E.g. “Gerbil” isn’t a rude word, but “Greased gerbil” is most certainly a rude phrase.


I saw a used copy when I was in EB at lunch today. Blasphemy![/quote]

Maybe the poor bastard played for twenty minutes and then needed an hour and a half of recovery time from the waves of nausea. If my daughter and niece didn’t kind of dig it, one of you Qt3’ers who missed the boat might have recieved an ever-so-slightly used copy. (Maybe 4 20 min. intervals total)


It’s strange sometimes how quick the turnaround is on used games at EB. My room-mate picked up a used X-Men Legends last week. How long could the original owner of that have played with it, a couple of days? Haven’t these people ever heard of rentals?


I find it stranger to discern the fine line between nausea and addiction.


Thread Necro, because this is new on Steam:

Yay, nay, or wait for sale?


Yay! I’ll gladly toss $30 their way for an HD KD that won’t make me plug my PS2 in for a new playthrough.


There’s supposed to be a demo coming to Switch for this soon too. Looking forward to checking it out.


How many copies can I buy to demonstrate my love for this game?


Wishlisted! Will buy this when i have played some of my backlog!


Yay! Demo is out on Switch

Boo! Demo is ~5 minutes long :-(


Has anyone seen a reason it’s not coming to PS4 also? Would be great to be able to play this with my girls on the big screen.