Katamari origami

surprisingly awesome. i did one better and colored a template to be the cow cousin and one for the strawberry cousin. the cow one looked good but i haven’t finished the strawberry one.

template image at the bottom.

gigantic template here:

cow one i colored

strawberry one i colored

My wife made one of these a while ago. It is currently affixed to the top of the television, a stern reminder that one day everything we have will be crushed into a ball to appease the King Of All Cosmos.

Now it’s cute, don’t get me wrong…

But is it Origami?

No, not origami really. A paper model if ya ask me.

‘Papercraft’ seems to be the preferred term nowadays. Some examples, courtesy of…Yamaha?

Very cool, if not origami. Origami is only folding of the paper.

Yeah, I might sound like a pedant, but it’s one of my hobbies.