Kate -- Netflix movie.

Netflix movie. Mary Windstead.

You know I loved it. Or liked it more than i thought i would. Even with every trope in the book. In fact it has some tropes that aren’t in the book…which may not make them tropes i guess but whatevs.

I think it’s cause I just like her.

Btw with movies and TV being so hard to separate right now… hmm I bet you all thought of this … I better look and see if there is some place I was supposed to put this.

Now lemme go watch Cloverfield 10 and reconfirm.

Is it just me or are there A LOT of woman on a John-Wick-like rampage getting made recently?
(Atomic Blonde, Old Guard, Peppermint, Salt, Anna, Ava…)
Good for them I guess, this HAS been a pretty male dominated genre for a while. ;)

Man there are. Shit ton. That’s why I almost blew off Kate. Did you miss one? I think you did… hmmm…

Definitely! Those were just off the top of my head.

I enjoyed it too. Great fight scenes. I haven’t seen the lead actress before, but I really enjoyed what she brought to the part. The thing I liked about the premise is that you realize right away that she’s going to die – there’s never an illusion that she’s going to find a secret cure, etc. She knows she’s dead, but she busts out of police custody and does all the things anyway.

Salt? Wasn’t that more a “What if Jason Bourne, but a lady?” era? I remember it being pretty bland, and it definitely predates the Wick-inspired revenge-‘em-ups.

Tim she’s played in a few things… My recollection of her is in Cloverfield 10. She’s a great action heroine!

Plus she kicks John Goodman’s ass! (damn that may be a spoiler).

Jolt (sort of).

I haven’t seen that one yet. I’ll have to check it out.

Watch Scott Pilgrim vs.The World!

Huh! I saw SPvtW! I didn’t realize that was her. She was the gal with the green hair?

She was also the main character in the remake of The Thing (oh… Maybe it wasn’t a remake maybe it was a prequel?). At any rate, that was her!

Salt was 11 years ago and 4 years before John Wick so I’m not sure what the connection is ;)

I liked this better than Gunpowder Milkshake. Extremely predictable, but Mary Elizabeth and the girl who played Ani were good. That CGI car chase sucked, though.

Yeah… I might have been a bit vague in my selection of movies and just threw Salt in there even though it wasn’t actually related to John Wick.

However I wasn’t really trying to make a definitive statement and just mentioned I had the impression that there appeared to be more high profile solo female led “woman on a mission” type movies than I remember from the past (be that post Bourne, Wick or whoever).

It’s a pretty hot genre, and you’re right to invoke John Wick. The success of those movies has been a big booster for this kind of action, and that definitely carries over into lady action. Or CITOKSA, which is a term I invented fifteen years ago, even if I’m the only one using the term. It’s also worth noting that the TO part of CITOKSA isn’t as prevalent as it used to be.

And Kate has nothing on Gunpowder Milkshake. I’m not particularly fond of either movie, but the choreography in Gunpowder Milkshake had a unique style. Kate is just the usual editing around a stuntwoman doing the same old boring stuff, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead isn’t particularly convincing the camera cuts to her. I think she’s much better doing this kind of role in Gemini Man.


I watched the intro, until the 24 hours to… resolve the action presented itself.

Then I turned it off. I didn’t care about Kate, what would happen to her, or why anything happened to her.

I’m an easy mark but the opening act really left me cold towards all the characters.

Trinity comes to mind as perhaps the origin of this trope, no? Maybe digital Lara Croft, to an extent.

Well Tom and I disagree again. Wisntead is pretty good in this. Plus I like her, so bias.

Btw notice that we are getting a lotta movies lately … this last denzel thing … not superheroes just weird movies with a lot of good actors.

Or Kate Beckinsale in those vampire movies?