Kathy Griffin - My Life On The D-List

Did anyone catch the season debut?

They played her latest 1-hour comedy special prior to the debut of the second season.

I thought the first episode was a good time. I didn’t know that so much had happened since last season. For some reason I thought the show was cancelled, but it was renewed and nominated for an Emmy.

I hope she sticks around on The View.

I love, love, love her. As much as I dislike our celebrity culture, she feeds on and makes her living off it, nothing and no one is off limits. She revels in and loathes the culture herself ang I love it. I watched all last season and have seen all of her specials. We have last night’s TiVo’d. She rules and shit.

Approve cat approves.

Four years later, Kathy Griffin changed her mind about plastic surgery. This time around, she’s had 10 different procedures: nose job, brow lift, Botox, LASIK eye surgery, veneers, chemical hair straightening, micro dermabrasion, chemical skin peel, facial resurfacing and liposuction again!


Oprah is so jealous.

She needs the camera touch ups and make-up. There are close-ups of her before some shows and appearances and some a a bit rough.

Kathy Griffin makes my skin crawl. She’s fake on fake, she’ll take any job without hesitation. She’s sort of the epitome of the self-perpetuating Hollywood B-list stereotypical actor with that deer-in-headlights stubborness, a total refusal to flinch to reveal anything human, guarded by the impenetrable veneer of a career actress.

That, and it’s like she took a skit from Seinfeld and made a career out of it.


I’m not seeing that. If anything, I saw quite the opposite during the first show of the new season. She seemed very human when it came to her divorce, her ex, her parents.

Maybe so, i haven’t watched her much i admit. I tend to turn the channel as soon as she comes on :).

Try and catch this week’s episode and see how far you make it. I think there’s a little humanizing early on. The weakest part was the hair care promo film. Other than that, the episode was pretty solid.

Noooooooo, she’s not fake at all! And she totally isn’t an attention whore.

She loves keepin’ it real.

I don’t give a shit what she is or isn’t. She is human enough for me on her D-List series that I like her and she is incredibly quick witted and just damn funny.

Is she the one Tom snogged?

Tom as in Tom Chick? Tom’s going to be starring in an upcoming episode?

If I were Kathy Griffin, I’d snog Tom, too.

That was Vicki Lewis. There is a bit of a resemblance, I guess.


In Hanzii’s defense, he’s not the only one to get the two confused.

Hypocrite is what I would call Kathy Griffin. She dishes out insults in her stand up routine but then falls to pieces when Leno takes a quick shot at her. She’s too insecure to be in comedy, and if she’s not a comedienne, then she’s just an overexposed gossip bitch.

Quarter to Three: Loves Kathy Griffin, hates Sarah Silverman.

Seriously, what the fuck?

Uh, put me in the Sarah Silverman camp, at least she’s good looking. Though i haven’t seen any of her shows.

Kathy has always annoyed me, combination of voice plus obsession with plastic surgery plus just unfunny comedy routines.