Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise engaged after Eiffel Proposal

Is that true?

Well, she’ll definitely be the prettiest beard at the church services, that’s for darn tootin’!

There was a shot on ESPN Page 2 in the sports guy’s world…showing Cruise walking away from Katie doing the fist pump for the camera’s. I am shuddering in horror.

Love of publicity ahd career. Think Nichole Kidman would be as famous withoug marrying Mr C?

I’m the mail cart guy at work. It’s amazing how many people have subscriptions to the Scientology magazine. (It’s, like, three people. But still, three more than there should be.)

Does anyone find it telling Cruise does his proposal on a giant phallic symbol? 8)

By proposing on the top of a huge radio tower, he was able to more efficiently broadcast the proposal to Xemu.


A link from that website listed Neil Gaiman as a Scientologist.

That depresses me :(

At least he is far more talented than to write Battlefield Midgard

As far as the story goes, his father WAS a Scientologist. It’s not really clear if Neil is one or if he was, whether he’s still active. Most of the evidence is pretty apocryphal and nobody has ever managed to trace the source of the first claim…it’s just been circulating for many years. In any case the man simply refuses to talk about it. If he’s gone into the bosom of Xenu, he has to be the most quiet CoS celebrity ever.

According to Rich’s columns in the NYT today, 62% of polled think it was all a stunt. Hah!

Well they both have movies out / coming out so…

Katie Holmes’ missing 16 days:

This story just gets wierder and wierder.

I’m not a fan of Hollywood or the cult of celebrity but I don’t like to see anybody fall off a cliff like this.


Yikes, that’s pretty sinister sounding…
I am glad that Scarlet Johansson had the good sense to get hell away from the Church of Scientology. I’m sure that means Tom Cruise and his CoS lackeys will do everything possible to torpedo her career though

Wow that is bizarre. Firing your manager and publicist to hire CoS cronies to run/ruin your career after meeting a man for 14 days.

Good for Scarlet. It makes it that much easier to have lame, immature, lecherous dreams about her.

“Bill, take me now, like you’ve never taken a woman before!”

“But, Scarlet: what of your Scientology dalliances?”

“To Hell with those! I laughed in their faces! I slapped Tom Cruise, called him a stumpy fag and renounced them all (for your penis)!”

“Wow! (Are you 18 yet?)”

Oh, God. The Cruise/Homes love pic is coming soon, isn’t? I ask you, America: How many times will Tom Cruise be in a film where he fucks his real-life wife to prove he isn’t gay?

Was he ever in a flick with Mimi Rogers?

Was he ever in a flick with Mimi Rogers?[/quote]

I don’t think so, but according to IMDB, her first husband was a Scientology counselor.


Yay! Brainwashing!

De he ever actually put it in Nicole Kidman, or did they just have “naked in front of the mirror” type scenes?

Yeah, but I can’t remember if it got cut out or not. It’s in the script:

ALICE stands naked in front of her dressing table mirror rubbing face
cream. BILL comes up behind her, kisses her shoulder and runs his
hands lightly over her breasts.
That night they were more blissful in
their ardent love than they had been
for a long time.

Now, there wasn’t a voiceover at all in the theatrical release IIRC, so this may have just been a dissolve or whatever. I do believe Kubrick filmed love scenes between them. I know he had them actually live in the apartment where they shot the film, sleep there and all. Most of the bedroom scenes were claimed to have been shot with only Kubrick in the room with Tom and Nicole. Kubrick was a silly bastard who went to mythical extremes during filming. So, who knows, but it’s as strong a possibility in Eyes Wide Shut as it’s ever been in a film, IMO.

[size=1]The women in that film were silly hot.[/size]