KB4601319 keeps failing to install

Been trying to install this for a month and the update keeps failing. Any tips or ideas? I really don’t want to have to do a full repair on my system.

Have you tried running the update in safe mode with networking? (edit - that said, there have been reports of issues with the update and I don’t know if they’ve all been resolved)

Is there a hex code when it fails? If so, have the googles failed to find further information?

Also, applying the most recent servicing stack updates for your version would repair any issues there that might be causing it to fail. You should be able to find it here on this very user friendly ( /s ) page:


Try running the Troubleshooter for Windows Updates.

Big reddit thread with some ideas:

I did that. It found issues, but still didn’t fix it.

Didn’t try to do an update in safe mode. Wow, I haven’t used safe mode in forever. Forgot it was even a thing.

Make sure you keep running the troubleshooter until it comes up with no errors. You may want to reboot a few times between attempts.

Ok will give that a try.

Mine was failing repeatedly and I was working on troubleshooting it. I decided to look at the history and I noticed that the exact same KB installed successfully on February 10. So I ignored it and eventually it stopped showing up in Windows Update. Not sure if it was due to a subsequent update (namely KB4023057 which installed on February 19) or if a few reboots finally cleared it.