KDE4 Dolphin File Manager Copies Vista Feature

Apparently KDE4 will be splitting the file manager from the web browser (Konqueror) and the FM called Dolphin will feature the bread-crumb style URL bar (see Navigation Bar heading) that is seen in Vista’s version of Explorer.

I can’t say I’m a fan of splitting the FM from Konq… that’s one of my favorite features of Konqueror is that it is a one-window multi-tab “view anything you want” app.

Yeah, I use every feature of Konq locally. I hope the web browser part is still
an embedded app, like the advanced text editor etc.

Hmmm, wasn’t Nautilus (Gnome File Manager) the first to implement this a LONG time ago?

Yeah, Nautilus has used that style of browsing directories for donkey’s.

Yep, it’s been there as long as I’ve been using Gnome 2, heh… so you could say Vista is copying Gnome.

I really like having direct access to that. It makes a huge usability difference for me. The “path” button in the OSX is useful in its own way, but it’s not the same thing.