Keen Eddie?

Hrm. This forums seems to be chock full of people in the know.

So here’s the question:

Where did my beloved Keen Eddie go?

It like the guy Guy Ritchie that made “Swept Away” was really an alien replacement, and the real Guy Ritchie was working for Fox. Or something.

According to TV Guide, it will be back on August 28th. Fox will show four consecutive new episodes, running through their first season purchase.

After that, it’s bye-bye I think.


Time to start cleaning my guns.

Christ. Every year, FOX seems to burn off one of the best shows on network TV during the summer when there’s no chance for it to catch on.

Keen Eddie should have been huge. Profit should have been even bigger. Johnny Bago, even though that was on CBS. Disheartening.

Profit? WTF was that? I think I missed the boat on that one.

Firefly, John Doe, and Fastlane (the latter two being totally ridiculous but entertaining to the extreme), all canceled.

Someone needs to show up at the Fox studios armed to the teeth and hold them hostage till they sign a contract to renew those shows.

Or are contracts signed under duress non-valid?

Anyone remember 'Undeclared"?
I thought that was a great show… heck, even that Andy Richter show was pretty good… where is it now?

Undeclared was good, but certainly not great. Andy Richter was fucking awesome. That should’ve been a hit, but most of America is too stupid to see the humor.

It was like Office Space meets…something different. Yeah, my ability to create analogies tonite is shot. Thank you, RT2 demo.

TV execs are more clueless than movie studio execs. Who may be even more clueless than game publisher execs, but you didn’t hear me say that.

Keen Eddie is/was the only piece of TV drama I watch/watched this summer.

I think it was just too stylized and smart for the average moron. Sad, really.

Wanna help me go vigilante on hapless Fox executives?

And anyone wanna help me defenestrate Chris Carter while we’re at it? He’s got hell to pay for everything after Season 8 of the X-files. And I’m being rather forgiving, some would say Season 5.

Interesting note on Keen Eddie. I work customer service for a major retailer, and we have had 4 calls today alone telling us to pull our advertising from Keen Eddie, or they will never shop in our stores again.

It really makes me want to watch this show.

The hell? I don’t see why. Unless it has something to do with it taking place in England, and these people being blatently anti-British or something.

Frankly, I think we need less Paradise Hotel and more Keen Eddie.

But then, I’m certainly not the market demographic. I may be an 18 to 40 year old white male, but I have a brain, too, which makes their ad money wasted on me.