Keeping the rig clean

How often does everyone clean their case? I keep positive pressure inside my case so I don’t have to bother hardly ever. However the outside grill and filter get filthy looking with in a few days.

This is my case:

To get the grill off to clean it and the filter I have to take off both side panels, then access four hard to reach and hard to see screws. These screws, while really hard to get to in order to remove, they are about 9 times more difficult to get back in.

Are there any cases that don’t have this design flaw and keep the insides clean or am I just being picky and lazy?

Just keep the lighting in your room low and you’ll stop noticing these things.

I think Rob must have posted drunk. Clean a computer? When the dust-
bunnies turn to buffaloes, that’s the sign you need to upgrade!

Yeah, I don’t clean. I buy new.

Is it entirely necessary to remove the grill and obsessively clean in until it is nigh-sterile? Just use a leedle electronics vacuum and/or some pressurized air or my weapon of choice, my big-ass mouth (well, you can’t use my mouth, but…).

I just blow out the clumps of dust with some canned air and clean my filter ever time I change the oil in my car. That was just a completely arbitrary way of remembering it, and it seems to work fine. I had my cpu heatsink looking like one solid piece of…something…back when cleaning meant upgrading, and I started running into overheating problems. No problems like that since adopting my oil change schedule.

The Sonata case has an easily accessible filter that you can pull out without taking anything else apart.

Yeah, I guess I should mention I have a Silverstone TJ06 case, which is silly big and not too tough to clean (what with the bigness).

The way you clean dust from the front filter is to stick a naked vaccum cleaner hose up against it and go up and down a few times. Clean in 10 seconds.

I use the same model Coolermaster case to house my filleserver.