Kelsey Grammer is Beast?

I just saw a disturbing picture. Apparantly, Kelsey Grammer is cast as Beast in X3. Dont know if I can get over Frasier/Sideshow Bob as a super hero. Then again, I had my doubts about Tobey Maguire as Spiderman.


  • Alan

What, really? I think he’s perfect. That voice, stuffy and deep yet brimming with precise comic timing, that grim visage. Works for me.

I was hoping for more of the Grant Morrison / New X-Men feline Beast, but yeah, Grammer is a perfect choice. I still think this movie is going to teh suck, though.


Initially I was wondering about the choice mostly because I couldn’t see Grammer jumping around like Beast. Take away the physical expectations and he’s an excellent choice.


This is in the wrong forum! Get off my Lawn!


Beast is a pussy, and therefore ol’ KG is perfect.

Haha! Just foolin’

For some reason I had been thinking there was gonna be a CGI Beast just voiced by Grammer. Musta been mistaken.

edit: went back to some of Alan “Social Worker cum Threadroadsign” Au’s links and saw it mentioned before. I guess I had read it here and as usual took it to be gospel.