Kelsey Grammer: Worst dramatic actor ever?

Good lord, have you seen the trailers for A&E’s Benedict Arnold? I had been interested in watching it, but just the few lines they show of Kelsey Grammer are awful. At best, he looks like he is trying to act. So much for watching that thing.

Must have been a down period for him. After all, this is the man who embodies the pathos that is Sideshow Bob.

I have not seen it yet Supertanker, but…

Last night I was minding my own business watching a pretty funny Will&Grace and saw something that made me want to run, not walk, to my PC and post something here:

The Frasier brothers going for a wacky spa treatment, complete with mud packs, cucumbers on the eyes, and white towels on their heads in an upcoming episode. I thought to myself, “When in the holy hell is this thing ever going off the air”. The joke of their high society tastes clashing with everyone is not just tired, it is dead. It has turned into 3’s Company (as all sitcoms are want to do after long runs) with wine tastings instead of the Regal Beagle. Please, NBC, bury it. Wait, unless Niles and Daphne have not gotten together yet. I cannot wait for that!! :wink:

And to find you panning his dramatic skills when I get up this morning is great. While we’re at it, can we discuss how painful it is to listen to him attempt to sing?

I used to love Frasier, I really did. It was witty and hilarious. That was about 5 years ago. Now I can’t even be bothered.

The only reason it’s still on the air is because NBC is so inept that it can’t find a replacement for it… just witness how desperate NBC is by throwing $10 million an episode for a 10th season of Friends next year. If NBC can’t even replace Friends yet, they don’t dare try to replace Frasier, which, inexplicably, still gets good ratings.

Part of it is ego, as well. Kelsey Grammer is gunning for the record for actor who has played same character for most seasons. You think about it, Frasier Crane started in Cheers’ 2nd season, and Cheers ran 9 years. He needs Frasier to go 9 season for him to get the record.

And you just don’t even want to know how much he gets paid per episode of Frasier. It’s obscene. Man is filthy rich now… I can see why he’s dialing it in on an A&E made-for-TV movie.

I think some of those longtime soap opera hacks have him beat by a long shot.

That’s the daytime record. That’s a whole 'nother category by itself. They have their own Emmys and awards. KG is gunning for the network primetime record.

Sooo… who’s the current record holder? Chachi? Lucy? Lavern & Shirley? Lou Grant? Wracking my brain for long duration shows with long duration spin-offs. (or, in the case of Lucy, long running shows where the star showed up 20 years later and tried again with the same character)

"Grammer introduced the character on Cheers (w/Ted Danson) in 1984. He has played him since and wants to break the record 20 seasons set by James Arness who starred as Marshal Dillon on the long-running series Gunsmoke. "

Sweet lord, I had to go out to IMDB to comfirm that. I couldn’t believe that Gunsmoke was on for 20 years straight, but there it is in black and white, 1955 - 1975.

What about the character Larry King plays?

Seems like the actor cast to play the father of our country is always an odd choice. The last two actors before Grammer that I can recall playing George Washington: Barry Bostwick and Jeff Daniels (who wasn’t bad at all). Then again, no actor immediately springs to mind when I try to think of someone I’d cast to play Washington.

Not even Martin Lawrence?

Don’t forget to watch tonight. :wink: 8:00p Eastern/7:00p Central & Mountain