Kemet play-by-forum game

A while back I ran (and played in) a forum Chaos in the Old World game. Unfortunately, the tool I was using ceased existence some ways into that game and while one of our players stepped up admirably and arted up replacement graphics for the rest of our game, I didn’t feel like it would be fair to rely on that happening going forward, so I didn’t attempt to repeat the process. But lately, I’ve been fiddling with Tabletop Simulator and I think it should be possible to use that program to track game states for basically anything there is a mod for and use screenshots from it in the forum thread. I’d like to test this idea out with the cod-Egyptian fantasy area control game Kemet, where 2-5 players compete for control over various temples and use divine powers and monstrous beasts to tip the scales in their favor. I’m not planning to play in this one, just administrate, so I’d like 3 to 5 volunteers (the game does support 2 but I’d like more - I can always run something strictly two player later like BattleCON). You don’t need to have played before, and you don’t need to own the game unless you’d like to follow along on a physical board at home. Rules (and a longer overview) can be found here:

My current intent is to use all available content (the big expansion, Ta-Seti, the crossover monsters from Cyclades, and 3 promo tiles for Ta-Seti) but if folks aren’t comfortable with that I can try to peel them out of the available content in the mod. I’ll use PMs to convey hand information and for card selection during battles.

Please post if interested. Thanks!

I actually own the game as well as all the expansion content you have listed, so I’m definitely interested. I’m a bit rusty on the rules but am sure I can get up to speed for this!

I am playing in the forum Battlestar Galactica game so I will put my name in as an alternate if you need another :)

It’s been a while since I last played myself, but then forum games generally are paced such that you have plenty of time to think about your moves.

I’m totally down. I’ve always wanted to try this. I was a big fan of Chaos in the Old World until the randomness and balance issues got to me.

Kemet is one of my favorites, but I just could not make sense of that side board the priest walks down.

Anyways, consider me on the list or wait list.

All right. Sounds like we have enough people to proceed with but I’ll leave signups open til tomorrow evening in case we can hit a full five.

I fully expect to be destroyed not knowing any of the l33t combat upgrade combos.

Looks like we are trending towards either 4, if @Lantz is comfortable joining us despite not being strictly required, or 3 if not. Lantz, how are you feeling?

Edit: I am excited to play, so now that I think about it just deal me in :)

Awesome. I will kick things off tonight. My plan is to distribute player cards randomly as they are purely cosmetic and it will get us started slightly quicker.

@ironwulf, you are the crocodile god Sobek:

@Lantz, you are the snake goddess Wadjet:

@Infested_terran, you are the cat goddess Bastet:

@Greatatlantic, you are the jackal god Anubis:

Here is the starting board:

Each walled area with three sectors is a player city. Each of you should pick one (they’re pretty similar, although your neighbors will obviously be slightly more likely to engage in conflict with you than whoever ends up across the board). Then roll off using whatever online dice roller you prefer to establish starting turn order (it won’t be determined randomly after the first turn.)

Once turn order is established, in turn order you should select your pyramid distribution: one pyramid per sector of your city. You can either go for one level 2 pyramid and one level 1, or three level 1s. In either case, please specify which color and level goes in which sector. (These determine which colors and levels of power tile you can purchase.) We are using the black power tiles from the expansion, which means there are four colors of power but you will only have space for 3. To use the fourth you’ll have to capture the appropriate color from another player (and hold it, I believe). If you don’t want to decide right away, you can always go the 2/1 dual pyramid route for now and pick when you build your third pyramid. You also get ten troops to distribute between the sectors which contain pyramids (max 5 per sector), with 2 remaining in the reserve.

There are other setup steps but I’ve already taken them for you. I’ll PM your starting Divine Intervention card and post a gallery of the available power tiles and a shot of the battle cards - everyone starts with all eight of the default cards in their hand, as well as the starting Path to Ta-Seti.

Available power tiles and battle cards:
Reference sheets:

Initial Path to Ta-Seti setup:

All righty, everything should be set from my end. Just waiting on y’all to make those initial setup choices! I’m realizing one thing that makes Kemet slightly awkward to handle via forum is that it’s heavily iconographic instead of named or numbered, so it may be easier to convey moves and actions by downloading the board and player sheet graphics as I post them and then MS painting your actions onto them and reuploading, rather than trying to describe them in text without any labels for spaces etc. (Not so much now, but once we start the game proper.) I don’t really care either way, though, as long as I can tell what you’re trying to do.

Since the only random elements are what divine interventions cards one gets (which our moderator is already taking care of) and the initial turn roll, I’ll be fine with somebody just rolling a die nearby.

Which is what I did. Anyone object to this turn order for the first round?

infested_terrain - PLAYER 1
greatatlantic - PLAYER 2
ironwulf - PLAYER 3
Lantz- PLAYER 4

If anyone wants a different randomizer or to let the moderator roll some die, I’m fine with that and what be offended.

No objection. I will take the bottom city but if anyone objects I will take the left over one at the end.

How about some names for the locations? This will make it easier to say where you want to move, though no one is about to accuse me of being good with 3d paint, which I just discovered existed.

The player locations are nicknamed for the cardinal directions. Once pyramids are chosen, one can indicate their move by doing something like the following:

I recruit (1st row) 5 troops paying 3 PP (due to power tiles) into North Blue Pyramid.

Or, I move all troops from East Obelisk into 2 East Temple, which triggers a battle with blue (iron wulf). Barring opponent response, I have submitted by attack card and any divine intervention cards to moderator.


Question: how do you reach the delta? There’s no obelisk there or harbor leading there. (oops, never mind. Didn’t spot the obelisk blending in there)

and are we doing an 8 VP game or 10 VP?

Are the starting combat cards listed anywhere?

I’ll go East city. Level 2 blue pyramid at top, Level 1 black pyramid in middle. Troops for top/bottom/middle will be 5/2/3

There’s a shot of the battle cards at the end of the first gallery I linked, and an explanation of what each of the icons on them means in the main rulebook. You start with every card in that image (as does everyone) and will only change that if you buy one of the powers that comes with new battle cards.

And standard is 8 VP so unless folks really want to push for a longer game that would be my vote.

Oh, I was looking at the 2nd link.

8 is fine. A shorter game for a shorter defeat.