Kemet play-by-forum game


Order choice is


  1. Lantz (black)
  2. Infested Terran (blue)


The thing is, in the mod I have a big ol’ picture of every god on the player cards and every unit is labelled with the gods and none of these things are true of the player name because you’re not playing the mod with me. So it’s much easier for me to keep track of what’s going on by god. And, IMO, more flavorful. Would it work for people to start prefixing their actions with their god name (and color, sure)?

By the way - if people need to keep track of the game state between turns, that’s fine, but could you please use the “Hide Details” option (it’s under the gear icon in the post menubar) to collapse that stuff so that it’s easier to pick out your action?


Can do. Anyways…

  1. ironwulf
  2. Greatatlantic
  3. Lantz
  4. Infested Terran

So, I believe @ironwulf?




ironwulf (Sobek/Red)
1st move is upgrade Red Pyramid from 1 to 3
PP 10 > 5



I purchase the white Act of God.

This gives me an extra action token that can be played at the same time as a regular action, but I cannot use the same square twice.

PP: 9 - 3 = 6

Wait, how do we add collapsible dialogue?

Also @Lantz.


It’s under the gear at the right side of the little menu bar when posting.

Or this way

Or use details=“summary text”, except in brackets and with a closing /details the same way.


I will middle pray for 2PP.

Sorry on mobile will edit this later for format.



1st action: Purchase black tile: Twin Ceremonies. 2 cost - 1 priestess discount
9->8 PP


Bastet (infested_terran, blue)
1 temporary VP (temple)
7 PP
3 DI cards
4 units in reserve (presuming Delta sacrifice at end of previous turn)
6 unused Battle cards
Pyramids: 2/2/2 Blue/White/Black
Power Tiles:
Legion: Troops may contain 7, rather than 5 units.
Enforced Recruitment: May recruit to any space where Bastet has units as well as Bastet’s own city.
Protective Aura: Bastet’s troops may not suffer any damage outside of battle.
Khnum’s Sphinx: Creature - provides linked troop +1 str, 1 movement capacity; opponents desiring to enter space with Sphinx must pay 2 PP.
Priestess: Subsequent power tile purchases cost 1 less PP.
Twin Ceremony: (golden token) You can reuse a buy action you already used this turn. The purchase costs +1 additional PP.

Flaming Khopesh: +1 str in one battle.



Does the permanent VP at the end of Seti get replaced after someone takes it?


When refresh rolls around during Night, yes.


What’s that top left icon on the map? The +1 strength. no VP one?


I am pretty sure those are dawn tokens. Loose a battle, and you get one. It is only good for bidding for turn order. So, lose enough battles, you can pretty much pick your turn order spot.


You can’t afford NOT to lose!


Oh, yeah, on the actual map, not the Path. Yep, Dawn tokens.


Ironwulf (Red/Sobek)
2nd action buy red power tile Royal Scarab and also place golden action at top of Pyramid for a Pray action. Place Royal Scarab with my troops at Red Pyramid
PP = 5 (-3 to buy tile +3 with Pray Action)



OK, so my computer restared and it had been a while since I saved my game state apparently. I blame Bill Gates personally, because that hasn’t gone of style, right?

For my action, I purchase Polyphemus. This blue creature tile allows its attached troop to contain up to 7 units, as well as providing +1 Strength and +1 Movement. Since I have no troops in my city, the creature remains in my reserve.

PP: 6 - 2 = 4

Game State

Greatatlantic Kemet State
VP: 2 (temporary for temple, pyramid)
PP: 4
White-4, Blue-3, Unchosen-0
Troops: 5 (1 Prst) on 3 Temple East
4 DI Cards

Power Tiles:
Defense! - +1 Strength when defending
Hand of God - During night phase raise one pyramid 1 level.
Priest of Ra - All PP Costs reduced by 1.
Kracken - +1 Strength on (non-city province touching Nile)
Act of God - Silver Action Token for Extra Action
Polyphemus - Creature allows up to 7 men in troop and +1s/+1m


Defensive Position - +1 Strength when defender

Available actions:
Move, Recruit
Upgrade Pyramid, Move, Pray
XWhite Tile, Red Tile, XBlue Tile, Pray


Oh, and @Lantz


Here’s a question: what happens in a battle between troops with Polyphemus and the Desert Snake? The Snake nullifies enemy creatures, so what happens with a troop that is over 5 units because of Polyphemus?

edit: okay, the FAQ says the extra troops counts as an out of battle effect


I will Pray again +2 PP