Kemet play-by-forum game


Actually @Greatatlantic I don’t think you can move in quite that way.
Rules state that you can never have more than 1 creature in a space and Three Temple West already had Cerberus. So you wouldn’t be able to teleport Polyphemus there, unless I’m missing something?


Hmmm… You can never have more than one creature with a troop, but Cerebus does not join a troop. He specifically guards a space. Sort of how the Kraken does not qualify as a traditional creature despite having a figure. I’ll see if Board game geek has any pointers.


The Kraken occupies a space that is never entered by a traditional troop, though. I couldn’t find anything that specifically addressed moving a troop with another creature through Cerberus’ space but there were a couple answers that indicated he counts as a creature in the space and thus would prevent other creatures from being in his space.


Well, I can’t find any rule clarifications for Cerberus. From a mechanics point, I’d lean towards it being a space feature, but apparently the rules explicitly say one creatures per space, not troop.

So, I’ll defer the moderator. Unfortunately, that means my script for this round is completely blown and I have a very weak force dangling should anybody grab the phoenix or open gate. So, I need to rethink my turn, at the very least to make sure I’m not playing king maker. Unfortunately, it is my bedtime, so expect a new turn tomorrow around 6 EST.


Yeah, it would have been a clever and possibly game winning plan but I don’t think it’s legal, alas.


Darn that’s a real shame.


Yeah, if infested terran pulled out the win, he would have immediately won the game. I was OK with that, being that if I could not win I would probably lose the game anyways. Plus, I liked my odds.

First off, a point of book keeping, shouldn’t Infested Terrain’s Khunx Sphinx spawned with his troops in his city?

Second, my new and probably not as good turn but one the moderator will allow:

I take everything I did before back.

I still move. Except this I travel down the bottom Ta Seti Path and picking up the temporary +1 Damage and 1 PP. I immediately pick up the other Hare object.

I play both Hare objects giving me +2 Movement, which is enough to move 4 troops (including priest) out of 3 Temple West, leaving behind Cerberus with 1 troop. I move those troops to join Polyphemus in my city with the red pyramid. NOW I teleport the entire troop… but the only target I have is 2 Temple East. Combat breaks out. I have 6 troops +1 for Polyphemus, +1 for Charge, and +1 for BoN for a base value of 9. I also have +1 Protection thanks to the Priest skill, and +1 Damage due to the Ta-Seti Path.

PP: 4 + 1 - 1 = 4.

Unless somebody finds a rule interpretation/violation I missed, it is @ironwulf again to send cards to @malkav11.

So, to expand upon my thinking, if Cerberus is a creature, he behaves like no other creature in the game, except kind of the Kraken. The rules explicitly tie him to one space. So, he cannot follow a troop around. Furthermore, placement only requires “control,” so a player can place him in his city without troops, presumably to protect a level 4 pyramid.

Hence, it already violates the rule that a creature must always be accompanied by a troop. The argument for him being a creature is he comes with a miniature. Had the tile come with a cardboard token to show which space he is protecting, I do not think there would be a rules argument.

I am not saying that to overturn the decision, it is made, it is done, let us continue, but to explain my thoughts behind it. Also, if I ever own Cyclades and play Kemet with the C3K expansion, I am totally house ruling Cerberus as a not-creature.


The thing is, there are no effects that put tokens on the map or affect it in any direct way outside of creatures. The Kraken is a creature. Cerberus is a creature. They operate more outside the usual creature rules than most of the others, but they only violate them in the explicit ways their powers stipulate, and so the Kraken’s effect would be cancelled by the Deep Desert Snake, and Cerberus blocks other creatures entering that space. It’s internally consistent.

Also, you are correct that Khnum’s Sphinx should have spawned when Bastet recruited in his city.


Battle - Anubis vs Sobek
Anubis is attacking with 6 troops (one a priest) plus the Polyphemus creature.
Sobek is defending with 5 troops plus the Royal Scarab creature.

Battle cards:
Anubis plays [4 str 1 dam]
Sobek plays [5 str sac 2]

Total strength:
Anubis has 6 for troops, 4 for card, 1 for Polyphemus, 1 for Charge!, 1 for Blades of Neith = 13
Sobek has 5 for troops 5 for card, 2 for Royal Scarab, 1 for Bestial Fury = 13
Tie! Sobek wins (defenders win ties)

Anubis deals 1 for card, 1 for Path token vs 0 protection: 2 damage
Sobek deals 1 for Bestial Fury, 1 for Carnage vs 1 protection: 1 damage
Sobek sacrifices 2 units, loses 2 due to damage, has 1 unit remaining
Anubis loses 1 unit

@Greatatlantic, retreat or recall?
@ironwulf, recall?


I will recall


Well, calculated gamble, did not payoff. I will simply retreat. @ironwulf, you can decide which space I go to.


Retreat to the East Obelisk space please


Before I pass off my turn, I play the DI card Enlistment to 3 Temple West, bringing the total to troops there to 3.



Time to start hoping nobody manages to hit 8 during the turn, I guess! You could still theoretically win with the 2 temple VP at the end of the turn, if so. But that’s kiiind of a long shot…


Winsome, lose some.


Okay, let’s see if this is legal.

3rd action: double silver token on Move + purchase black tile
Purchase male mercenaries black tile for 0PP (priestess discount). Place them in my city troop (extra on empty space)
Move priest to 1st bottom location. +1 PP and +1 damage for upcoming battle
Move troop in Lantz’s city to his troop.
3->4 PP

I really would have loved to move leave a unit behind to retain control of the pyramid VP but I don’t think I can afford the -1 strength.
It’s my 7 strength vs his 5?


I purchased the Forced March tile as my 2nd action already.




The token for the +1 damage on the Ta-Seti Path got picked up by @Greatatlantic on his last action. Does this token automatically refresh or does it only refresh during Night Phase…I was actually wondering about?

…and I answered my own question by finding the Ta-Seti rules pdf. Seems you pick up and use that temp token and then replace it when done back on the Path


The mod doesn’t even bother to represent them as a separate object.