Kemet play-by-forum game


Troops have to go in a city sector with a pyramid, btw. So if you’re going with a 2 pyramid build it’s going to be 5 and 5 for troops, not much choice about it.


I’ll take North city.Pyramids from left to right would be Red 1, Black 1, White 1.
Troop distribution from left to right is 3/4/3


Sorry, I will get my setup in shortly. I was going to do it first thing this morning and my day has gone to hell like I’m in the Good Place.


I am in the south, left to right:
Red 2, White 1, Blue 0
Troops 5/5


Just FYI, you don’t have to commit to your third pyramid color until you build it. :)




Is the temple where you sacrifice units for VP not on this map?


Correct, it appears to only be on the 3 and 5 player map. I am guessing it must be a necessary balancing factor for odd numbers of players.


I spaced out on the expansion, I am dumb :)


We’re doing the expansion Dawn phase to determine turn order?


Yep, all expansion modules. At least this time. It doesn’t kick in until turn 2 though.


I’m already regretting my pyramid selection


@Greatatlantic, still need your pyramid and troop allocation choices (and technically your city choice but unless you really wanted one of the others that seems obvious at this point). I won’t be able to update til I get home so if you have a chance in the next couple hours you won’t be delaying anything.


Sorry, I can’t check the thread while at work.

So, summary?

IF: 2 Blue, 1 Black (My advice is to not split your starting armies, but maybe you know something I don’t?)

ironwulf: 1 Red, 1 Black, 1 White

Lantz: 2 Red, 1 White.

greatatlantic: 2-White, 1-Blue, 5 armies on each pyramid, in the West by default.

PS, pyramid selection is suppose to be in turn order, if anyone’s mind would be changed.


Board state as of the start of Turn 1:

@Greatatlantic, you didn’t specify sectors for your pyramids so this is my best guess. Easy enough to fix if you’d like to change it.


Step 1: Distribution of Prayer Points:
Each player receives 2 prayer points plus any awarded by power tiles at this time. Everyone started with 5 PP, no one has power tiles. Ergo everyone is now at 7 PP

Step 2: Distribution of the DI Cards:
I’ll be sending a shot of your hand in PMs momentarily.

Step 3: Resolving Power Effects:
If you had power tiles with Night Phase effects, they would fire now. You don’t, so we’ll skip it.

Step 4 is usually determining turn order but a) that’s randomly determined during setup for the first turn and b) this is replaced by the Dawn Phase if using that module of Ta-Seti

Skipped on the first turn. Just wanted to show off the graphic I made. :p

In turn order, each player will place 1 action token and immediately activate the appropriate action effects. (Note that Ta-Seti includes a “Buy Black Power Tile” action space that’s a separate token, either placed over the color you didn’t take or set on one side, depending. You do have this action available, Tabletop Simulator just doesn’t show tokens on a card if you alt-zoom on it, as I did for the screenshots of your player boards. I’ll fix that next time I take a shot.)

@Infested_terran, you are therefore up as soon as I get those DI cards handed out…


And DI cards are out. I’ll probably switch to multiple card takes as they start getting played or drawn quicker, but for now just adding on to the previous PM was easy.


**Purchase black tile Enforced Recruitment

**7->6 ****

Great Atlantic is up


I upgrade my white Pyramid from Level 2 to Level 3.

PP go from 7 to 4.

PS) From a strict math and game-play perspective, it does not matter which sector the Pyramids go into since all locations in your start city are equally distant from all other cities. The only locations which are not equally distant from all players are the two smaller temples on the edge of the board. Even then, chances are players will be teleporting to them for the first round or so.

So, yeah, my Pyramid locations are fine.


I didn’t think it mattered hugely but wasn’t willing to guarantee it.


How do the black tile mercenaries work? You just get 3 units? Do they go back on the tile when they die to be recruited for free like creatures? Or do you lose them forever which…seems like a very crappy deal.