Kemet play-by-forum game


They are permanently added to your unit supply and can be re-recruited. (But not for free, I don’t believe - recruited like standard units.)


just giving @ironwulf a ping.

When you end your turn if you @ the next person it can really help the flow.


Buy Black Power Tile “Mercenaries”
Place 1 of the female fighters in each of my city districts (should now be 4/5/4 troops)
PP 7>6 @Lantz you’re up I believe


I just wanted to say that I am currently thinking the Day phase should be possible to process without waiting on me being at my computer most of the time, with the exception of actions that draw you DI cards or trigger a battle (and even a battle I think I might just need to collate PMs), with a general game state update at the start of each new turn. But if you would like them more often, just let me know.

Specifically, for battles I am thinking the procedure should be for each participant to post the card they are discarding and then PM me the card they are using with any DI cards they’re playing - and maybe remind me of the troops and any creatures or other bonuses at play, although I can also check that when I am at my desktop.


I will:
Pray +2 PP 7->9

@Infested_terran you are up


Is there a max unit supply?

Purchase blue Legion tile



You start with 12 total units, of which 10 are deployed and 2 in reserve.


Couple quick notes:

  1. although I think in the real game the mercenary tiles have different minis, in this mod both sets are identical. If there’s ever a situation where one player’s mercenaries are battling the other player’s mercenaries and there are no god-aligned units involved I’ll figure out some way of differentiating, but I doubt it’ll come up.
  2. Remember that at the end of the Day Phase, you need to have placed action tokens on all three levels of your board, so if you’re taking an action that appears on more than one level (Pray, for example), you may want to specify which level you’re using.


I will buy Defense!, a level 1 blue tech tile which gives me +1 Strength whenever I am the defender.

PP: 4-1 = 3

@ironwulf , you are up next.


I will raise my Black Pyramid from Level 1 to Level 2 (costs 5 PP)
PP 6>1
@Lantz you’re up


Wouldn’t that only cost 2?

Unless you meant to raise it from 1 to 3?


I will:
Pray +2 PP 9->11

@Infested_terran you are up


Yeah, it’s the value of the new level, cumulative if you raise more than one. So it would only cost 5 if going from 1 to 3. Let me know which you meant, @ironwulf. :)


2nd level Pray action



Yeah, I meant to say from level 1 to level 3, so the 5PP deduction is correct.


For my third action, I pray, PP: 3+2=5, level does NOT matter.

@ironwulf, you are up again.


For my 3rd action I buy the white power tile Priest
PP go from 1 > 0
@Lantz your turn


Action 3: Raise my Red Pyramid to level 4. 11-7=4 PP remaining




(cancel all this, illegal move. Will redo)
**Action 4: top level Move. Move priest to the first middle location on Ta-Seti. Pick up 1 PP **

6->7 PP

Claim the Flaming Khopesh. Place priest back at start of path.

March all 5 units from my blue pyramid and 2 units from my black pyramid to East Yard



[Infested Terrain], unless I’ve missed the rules every time I’ve played this, you can only move one “troop” per move action. While you can combine that with other troops along the way and don’t have to take all units in a troop, you can move two separate troops into the same space with the same action. This is actually a key limit for the game. So, unless I missed your extra movement speed…

How do you want to redo do your turn?

edit: Opps, I was not paying attention I grabbed the wrong user name. I blame the noise from my mechanical keyboard…