Ken Burns Takes On The Holocaust

So I started watching it, Sunday. The first two hours and 15 minutes certainly live up to what you’d expect from Burns’s film.

As somebody said part of Ken Burns’s genius is knowing what pieces of US History are most relevant for today. Sadly, he nails the timing.

George Will does a fine job reviewing the series.

There is no doubt that the American response to the holocaust was dripping in Jewish hatred.

22 minutes in; incredibly good so far, but that’s par for the course for Burns.

I finished the last episode. While it lives up to the high standards of Ken Burn’s work it is possibly sadder than Schindler’s List or the Killing Fields.

There is no way to sugar coat or get a pleasant ending from a show about the holocaust. I thought the Band of Brothers episode about it was very poignant.

I have seen the first episode now and thought it was very good. I am sure something there was probably the set up for part of the final reaction. No spoilers here.