Ken Caminiti, 1996 NL MVP, dies at age 41

NEW YORK (AP) – On the field, Ken Caminiti’s all-out style served him well. Off the field is where it got him in trouble.

The 1996 National League MVP, who later admitted using steroids during his major league career, died Sunday. He was 41.

Caminiti died of a heart attack in the Bronx, said his agent-lawyer Rick Licht. The city medical examiner’s office said an autopsy would be performed Monday, spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said.

``What we all loved about Cammy was his devotion to the game and his desire for the game. But it went into uncontrollable levels with no discipline,’’ said one of his former coaches, Houston manager Phil Garner.

Caminiti’s 15-year big league career ended in 2001, five seasons after he led the San Diego Padres to a division title and was a unanimous pick for MVP. But the three-time All-Star third baseman often was in trouble the last few years.

Just last Tuesday, he admitted in a Houston court that he violated his probation by testing positive for cocaine last month, and was sentenced to 180 days in jail.

Steroids, Cocaine… not so good. RIP.

Doctor, I can’t find any blood in his bloodstream!

So on Tuesday he admitted to having done cocaine recently, was sentenced to 180 days in prison, and died 5 days later in the Bronx? Wacky.

After this and Rick James, I am convinced of one thing: never admit you did cocaine - it’s already too late by then!

He was also an alcoholic. And just eyeballing it, he seemed to be more from the school of steroids smuggled from Tijuana than Ivan Drago designer drugs. He put 75 years on his 41 year old body.