Ken Lay Dies of Heart Attack


It’s a trick. Get an axe.

I was thinking the exact same thing… plus a DNA test… just to be sure we have the right corpse.

Now we can administer the death penalty and just pretend he’s alive. No moral quandry!

He will be ceremonially shredded this weekend…

He was buying a face/off…John Travolta died on the operating table with Kenneth Lay’s face.

Well, Mr. Lay proclaimed " I don’t fear jail because I know I’m not guilty. I know I did nothing wrong. I did nothing criminal and I also believe my God will get me through this."

Perhaps God has decided.

Actually, his mistake was that his god wasn’t nearly as powerful as the gods of those he screwed over.

Well, crap. Now Tyjenks and I will NEVER get to settle our bet.

I think I’ll feel more remorse when Saddam Hussein dies.

Dubya’s gonna pardon him for oil money. Mark mah words!

Bastard got off way too easy.

Surprising talk for a bunch of bleeding hearts who oppose the death penalty for 8-time rapists and child murderers.

I don’t recall signing that membership form, Bob. And the will of the government imposing death upon those deemed guilty in its flawed judicial system isn’t the same as a white-collar scumbag equivalent dropping dead of God’s smiting han^H^H^H^Hnatural causes.

I think Justice should take a mulligan on this one.

I think it’s amazing the negative effect he had and will have on the lives of millions of people. Is he the argument for increasing the penalties for committing white collar crime? Then again Keating came and went, leaving tens of thousands of victims and forcing the entire nation to foot the bill for his trangressions.

I support the death penalty, though not for street crimes or crimes of passion. However, I think that in Lay’s case, some kind of punishment involving poverty would have been ideal. Let him spend the rest of his life locked into a filthy factory in Southeast Asia, sewing my shoes for pennies. So news of his death leaves me feeling a little cheated.

I foresee a lot of bowel movements taking place over his grave.

So, it turns out Ken Lays die. I didn’t know that. I though they lived forever. The thing is, I think it’s probably all the foods they’re feeding them, because these Ken Lays in Washington, they’ve got them eating things like, you know, hotdogs, cheese popcorn, hot butter, um, dipped licorice…

I recently finished reading The Smartest Guys In the Room, and the authors made it seem like the worst crime Lay was guilty of was intentionally looking the other way and deliberately remaining ignorant of what other board members were doing. Fastow was portrayed as the real bad guy of the Enron debacle, and Skilling as more delusional than truly slimy.