Ken says "PS3 too cheap at $600"

Aw hell yeah Ken baby! Nobody’s reality distortion field beats YOUR reality distortion field!

He also says that the PS1 and PS2 were both lambasted for being too expensive at launch, but they both broke worldwide records. Therefore, apparently, PS3 will too.

Guess we’ll see if he’s right :-D I for one do NOT welcome our new >$500 console overlords!

He was later heard to say, "Even if I did price it outrageously high it would have to have been because I loved gamers very much, right?’’

Midnight Son says: “I’m gonna Wii on you now.”

I wouldn’t mind the price that much if it were in a good cause, ie hardware necessary to make it that much more of a kick-ass gaming machine. However, the extra $200 (over a 360) is pretty much all because of blu-ray, which I and every other gamer couldn’t care less about.

Microsoft realized that including DVDHD would’ve pushed the price past most people’s comfort zone and pulled it out. Sony on the other hand seems to care less about the PS3 winning this generation than they do about making blu-ray a standard. As a result they’re likely to fail at both.

Kutaragi reiterated comments he made earlier regarding the original PlayStation, which he says was also considered too expensive at launch.
“Same for the PlayStation 2,” Kutaragi said

The difference being they got an early jump on the market with both those systems and could better dictate the price with no real competition.

Kutaragi has been trying to channel Hiroshi Yamauchi for years, but has forgotten one crucial rule:

You cannot channel a pimp, unless you have innate pimpness inside you.

I miss Yamauchi, especially because it would be just so precious to hear him respond to a Kutaragi comment or make biting insults to the competition again.


The difference being they got an early jump on the market with both those systems and could better dictate the price with no real competition.

What? Both previous Playstation models were the second console of their generation.

Went back and looked and couldn’t resist posting even more Kutaragi in full effect.

Of course indeed, Ken. Just like there was no problem shipping in spring 2006.

THEFT?!?!?!?!?! WTF could he be talking about exactly?

Saturn against the PS1? But what system came out before PS2 in that generation?


Uh, wasnt the ps1 seen as a great deal and blew the saturn announcement/pricing out of the water at that particular e3?

Bah, I think of Dreamcast as more an in between generation system. I have a hard time categorizing it with the current gen systems…it was practically finished with by the time Xbox and Gamecube were on the market.

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To drive his point home, Kutaragi pointed to initial complaints about the pricing for the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles, which were also considered expensive and nonetheless managed to become best-sellers. The PlayStation 2 in particular turned out to be the fastest selling console ever. Of course, Kutaragi fails to mention the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were both priced at $299 when they launched in the US in 1995 and 2000. Even adjusted for inflation, those prices would be $392 and $347 today, respectively—a far cry from the PS3’s $499 minimum price. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

Yeah, it was. I think Kutaragi must be living in some sort of alternate reality, because here in this reality, the PS1 was going up against the Sega Saturn, which was priced at $399. Sega announced the price at E3 in their press conference, and talked it up as a better deal (everyone expected the Playstation to launch at $500) that was available right now. Then later, at Sony’s conference, the president of the company just walked out on the stage and said “Two hundred ninety-nine dollars,” and then walked off.

The PS1 was considered by pretty much everyone to be an unbelievably good value, and was priced $200 cheaper than anyone was expecting. I’m not sure how Kutaragi can say that it was considered too expensive with a straight face.

Hey, it’s only 6 pieces of toilet paper to Ken the Rebel Billionare there.

I guess now we know what they’re going to steal in Ocean’s Thirteen.

It’s too cheap for Sony, given how much it costs them to make the damn thing.

That’s a phrase worth stealing.

$600 is just absurd and he’s trying to spin it or put it in a different context to make it seem less so. I’ll definitely be passing on the PS3 for a few years. $600 puts it outside the of a “toy” for me. And I don’t want it to act as a home theater system or media hub. I’ve got one, thanks. I want something to play games on.

Wii it will be.

“…innate pimpness inside you.”

That’s a phrase worth pruning.