Kenshi (An open ended, squad-based Strategy RPG)


There was an update the other day (bug fixes looks like.)
When the game has problems/issues, go to New Game and then Import. Select the saved game you want. I’ve used this to fix various issues. The other thing to try is resetting the navmesh (shift-F11 I think.)


Required skill to effectively use the crossbows i think. If you are below that you have less hit chances, more chances to hit friendlies etc.


I had to refund this game after playing an hour or so today. I don’t see how I can look past the graphics and jank (somehow Rimworld was my GOTY).

Does that make me a bad person


The graphics are strange in this game. Certain times they are jaw dropping beautiful and other times dog vomit.


Bloody bugger to you, you beastly bastard.

Even trying to import the save has not gotten rid of the invincible people bug. It does not apply to new members but all existing party members are hosed because this game gets very uninteresting fast when you cannot be killed. On top of that, the game crashes more often than a Jenga game, with at least 8 crashes to desktop this morning (quite often while prospecting). It appears the whole goddamn save is buggered and I will have to restart from scratch.

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Yeah, that blows.


Man that sucks. What a bizarre bug. One last thing to try - Shift F12 and click “Fix things.” I doubt it will work but it’s worth a shot.


I guess I’m lucky because I got zero crashes so far. The game runs like a hog on my old PC, though.


The devs basically said they’re not planning any more features or DLC because they’re already reaching the limit of current CPU speeds.


We bought a USB SSD for my SO’s PC (an Alienware w/ a 500 GB SSD but turns out that’s too small for today’s games.) Runs like a charm. That’s USB 3.0 though so I don’t know if that will help your situation.

The only crash I’ve had happened when trying to talk to a recruit, but I’m pretty sure that’s due to a mod I’m running. Strangest issue I’ve run into was when the three mercs I hired to help take out the bandit king kept milling about my base. They wouldn’t leave, which wouldn’t have been a problem until fights starting breaking out between them and one of my Shek warriors. After doing an import they vanished (by the way they had horrible gear heh.)

No new features I can understand given the limitations of the engine and how long ago they started working on this game. Nonetheless It’s an impressive feat for a tiny team. DLC I would think would work, but OTOH a lot can be done with the modding tools.

I’ve a feeling I’ll be playing this and little else for some time to come. I always knew I loved sandbox games but I didn’t realize just how much until this came along. :D


The old game with the bug and the crashes was a lost cause. Somehow the save system corrupted my characters and by the time I noticed it the autosaves and quicksave were used after the issue. So I could have gone back but it was like 25 days old and not worth it.

So I started anew as a Darrow, a slave in the cum and joke mines of Mars. Seems fitting for the Red Rising theme I have been giving my characters lately. What a brutal start. The game loaded, a guard instantly came over and beat the piss out of me. Even manually clicking the mining node resulted in a beatdown and more than once my character was unconscious and mangled. But I picked the lock to get good at it and stole away to a nearby rooftop. I stole some stuff below and cheesed the game by dropping it and picking it up again on the roof repeatedly. With my stealth and thievery above 50, I proceeded to stealth downstairs and steal a guard’s uniform. I was pretty weak and had no fighting experience but at least I looked the part. I took the few things of value, including a bottle of grog, and just walked out the front gates into the wilderness.

Ironically, my biggest threat was from escaped slaves who almost overwhelmed me before a group of Paladins bailed me out. i swung by Stack to sell that grog for food and proceeded on to the Hub. Then I started to realize how OP stealth and thievery are. A few stealth KOs from unsuspecting hub citizens and I had some decent weapons and armor. A run to Squin to do some after-hours shopping resulted in a haul over 10k. I have built back up to 5 members, all newbies, and have even made a daring run back to Stack to lift more stuff with a $8k bounty on my head. Now I need to build my force size and abilities up.

So where in the Hub area is the best place to get new human recruits? I got one from The Hub, one from Stack and two from Broken Teeth and there seems to be no more. I would like to stick to all humans if possible because my plan is to settle into Okran’s Pride, build up my city and repeatedly raid the hell out of Rebirth for recruits. To accomplish that I have to have only humans in my party until such time I can build up a strong enough city to withstand Okran’s attacks and then I can incorporate other races. So I need people and I do not know where to get them.


I like stealth as it literally saved the hide of my scout just before I walked into a pack of beak things. I don’t steal or do the hidden KO thing (that’s for a future play through I have in mind as an all hive band heh.)

Anyway, human recruits in the Hub - few and far between. There are two way stations - one to the SW of Squin and another east of the Hub that sometimes have them (usually scorchlanders.) Your “best” bet is to go to the Swamp and get them there - namely Mudtown and Shark. It’s perilous but doable. Also Mongrel but that’ s a long jaunt and you’ll probably want decent athletics to make a go of it.

Edit: Don’t know how you feel about modding your game - and I haven’t tried this one - but it sounds interesting:

Recruitable Prisoners - with dialogue


You can find lots of human recruits in the various holy towns.


Thanks for the suggestion. I made a run into the swamps and picked up 3 new recruits.


I ended up with a sprawling base with 35 or so people in my faction. It feels a little overwhelming managing all that. My main fighters are still crappy though since I spent so much time getting the base up and running. I’m either making poor armor/weapon choices or there’s something fundamental I’m missing - after almost every fight it takes a day or so for everyone to recover from wounds, and this just against bandits.

I started playing an older save, one before I expanded my squad and build my base but I’m running into the same problem - every fight results in a lot of downtime. I’m also getting dorked by the the RNG as my armor smith all of sudden is making only green items; previously I had a fair amount of specialty (yellow) and even a few masterwork items.

I’m thinking of moving my whole crew from Squin to Mongrel and getting experience against the Fogmen there. In the border zone I end up fighting hungry bandits a lot but I’m not really gaining any experience from them.The plateaus above the fog also look like great places for a base too once I"m ready. This time though I think I’ll try to make it smaller.


Make sure the area where your craftsmen is working is well lit. There is a pretty big darkness penalty at night. Same with farming. I wish I could tell my farmers to NOT harvest crops at night since they start to fail a bunch of times. I have since put in lighting everywhere.


Yeah I discovered that the hard way earlier. I have a ceiling lamp, a torch and a campfire just to be sure. However I bought some headlamps from a hive village (they only sell two at a time) and probably just a coincidence but she just crafted two pieces of yellow merc armor.

Oh, does anyone know a good spot to recruit Hive worker drones? I want to use them for farmers and laborers but I’m having a hard time finding any.


Acccording to folks on the Kenshi Facebook group (yup, there is one) these two mods will greatly improve both loading time and frame rate issues. They are only on Nexus, not the Steam workshop (a decision of the modmaker).

I’ve installed both – the first overwrites much of the game’s original textures, the other is just a mod. Both installed easily and I’ve had no problems. Haven’t seem tremendous gains in load times, but I already have an SSD so it wasn’t terrible to begin with. Definitely better FPS. Others, both on the nexus and FB sites, report big gains in load times.


Thanks, i will take a look at those!

I did increase the recruit limit to 256, because with 30 guys there’s only so much crafting you can do.


Good find on those mods. They do make the game run better.


Someone made an enhanced texture mod that sharpens the image; the screen shots look decent but I’ve not tried it; not on Steam though (link below.)

Unrelated and I did not know this until this morning, but shift F12 draws a circle around your base that shows what is “yours;” if you build outside that perimeter there’s a chance you’ll get enemy spawning within your walls.