Kenshi (An open ended, squad-based Strategy RPG)


I’ve started only with a single wanderer and a single wandering trader, and haven’t gotten far enough in either start yet to recruit others. In the video linked above, the guy starts with “Freedom Seekers,” which is a group of 5 with supplies and blueprints. That seems like a good way to start once you’ve gotten through the tutorial and gotten used to the UI. I’ll probably try that next.


My crew. It is actually a party of six. We built a shack, then a research table. More to come.


Apparently I have to travel to another city to recruit anyone (actually just one person I think). I also have no idea whether I’m tough enough yet to travel there. I may restart.


If you start in The Hub, there is always a free recruit there, just say yes to all his crazyness.


When you get your research table, consider researching shirts.



I watched that video above where they guy had a company of 6 guys and built a shack. He was attacked by raiders a few times. If he had killed the raiders, would more have spawned in or is it possible to clear out an area? Also when making a base, is it advisable to always build in a spot that is not to far from another town?


How do I pick my starting city?


I don’t think there’s any way to choose your starting city. But a few of the scenario options start in the Hub. I believe they include the Wander and the Wandering Trader.


I am playing the Wandering Trader right now, and it starts in Heng with only a single late-game recruitable companion. (You have to defeat a powerful bandit before you can recruit him.)


I watched the trailer for 1.0 and could have sworn the characters in this game were rabbit furries before. When did this change?


Just found this. It’s very creepy and very Japanese.


That’s like one of the doll heads from childhood stuck on a mannequin.


Are you thinking of Overgrowth? The kung fu rabbits game? If so, that’s amazing because I thought of those two games as one and the ame for the lobgest time too!


I played about 3 restarts before I started to ‘get’ the game. Its one of those slow building games where you scavenge and mine (to build strength)) for several hours before you can beat up anyone. even the measly horde of fanged bunnies :)

I’m loving the game so far and found a recruit right away in the sister starting hub, and found a gaggle of dead bodies we looted to get to 2k cash on our way out of town.

How do you buy a building inside town?.


I’m glad to hear this because I’m still struggling. I ‘get’ the game, but I’m not getting how to get really going in the first few days/weeks. I think I’m going to try an easier start, perhaps the trader.

Yup, pretty sure this is a key to the early going.

I think you hold down your right click on the building’s front door, and the option to purchase will pop up.


Click en the building, if it’s for sale, a buy option will appear on the bottom left.


So how are people liking this game? I am kind of interested in buying it, but this thread doesn’t have much activity which suggests the game is very niche.


I’m 11 hours in, and finally starting to get the hang of it. Those 11 hours include multiple starts with different scenarios to see what floats my boat most. Right now I’m doing the easiest start – Wandering Trader. But my true goal is to do the squad-based starts.

I’m loving it the more I get into it. There’s no hand holding, and the tutorial doesn’t help a lot, but now that I’m over that initial learning curve, I think this is my GOTY. More than anything, it has a feel that there is a living breathing world going on around you, and you better be damn careful about interacting or you will quickly end up as a corpse. It is a nasty world and no one is your friend, except those in your crew.

Right now as a Wandering Trader I’m truly roaming the landscape, me and my pack mule. A lot of times I just watch the other shit going on – battles among troops and traders and pirates, battles with giant insects. Sometimes I wait up on high ledges and watch the battles until they’re done, and then loot the corpses of the victims. Sometimes the victims are only unconscious and when I loot them they give chase. My mule and I can run pretty fast now.

There’s a ton of crunchy stats, there is grinding for sure, the UI is decent and the inventory system works well, as does trading. The different starting scenarios actually lead to different styles of play, changing the game from survival to more city building. Though I’ve yet to get far, I believe there is depth to the game’s systems. I think the 12 years put into making this shows. For example, the health of each of your characters is broken down into body parts.

I love that level of detail in a game. And your character animation reflects that status, so when your left leg is injured, your character limps as it walks or runs.

Sorry for the rambling answer. Is it niche? Absolutely. For me, this (so far) comes pretty close to everything I want – post apocalyptic survival, squad based, RPG-ish, with loads of bizarre shit. I will be playing it for a very long time.


I played it a lot during early acces so im a little burned out at the moment, but its a great game. And yes, it is niche.


@DeepT Fwiw, here is the Rock Paper Shotgun somewhat pretentious but rave review of Kenshi.

And here’s a pretty good and relatively brief tutorial series.