Kenshi (An open ended, squad-based Strategy RPG)


It’s interesting, reminds me of Mount and Blade a little. Is it a homebrew engine of the developers own design, or did he use one of the free ones out there?


This looks like Mount and Blade meets Final Fantasy Tactics. I’m not huge on RPGs these days, but this sounds unique enough that it grabbed my attention. When’s it coming out?! :P


So the solution for this I have decided is to switch to a new pathfinder library (called recast). This will not only fix the loading times, but will fix the buggy pathfinding system currently in place (which is another problem). Again this is a big job that will take a month or two, and I really don’t want to do it, so my plan is to wait until Kenshi is making enough sales and I’ll hire another programmer to do it for me.

I want this game to succeed so badly but … wtf. Don’t expect any money from me at this stage.


Yeah, I’m intrigued and have nothing against throwing a little money at a game in development, but there needs to be a little more there before I’m willing to commit.


Yeah, there are several caveats in there like that that make me wary. If this is his only source of income and he’s relying on the pre-alpha to bring in enough money … I suspect he’ll be looking for a real job pretty soon and this will be suspended indefinitely.


It’s been in development for years, so I’m assuming he must have some other source of income. Still, I don’t think I’ll jump on board either, until it gets a bit further down the line.


I honestly don’t remember how far along Mount & Blade was when I bought it, but that was what…8 years ago or so? Thats the deal he’s going for - Get the people who believe in him to pay now to continue development support and deliver up in the end.
The missing sound though, is a big thing to me, and how much seems to be not in the game yet.

If he asked 5 dollars now - sure, but 10? Its weird, but thats too much.


Was thinking about writing a little article for the magazine about this, but unfortunately the guy can’t be bothered to list contact info anywhere on the website. Sucks for him I guess.


I was totally going to prove you wrong, but he has hidden whatever contact info there may be on him pretty damn well! Weird!


The team list seems here (need registration):

I think you can send a message to “captain deathbeard” here

but you will need a register account in indiedb/moddb.


I actually said “wow” out loud watching that demo. Looks like it’s right up my alley.


I bought m&b back when it was just river pirates and Zendar, and I remember raging pretty hard when they added black knights and I got my ass creamed by them. Now that I think about it, it probably sounded pretty racist to the uninitiated when I was doing that.

But back then it was like five bucks. Which was more than fair. If this game is at a similar stage of dev, well, ten bucks seems high.

I do like the idea of rewarding the player for failure. M&B punishes you by taking random gear, which sucks donkey nuts and encourages the player to avoid close fights in favor of more lopsided engagements.

Anyway I’ll poke around and see what’s up with it.


If there’s one thing I love more than games, it’s spending money on games I’ll never get to play. If I’m going to drop money on a game, though, I want at least a reasonable assurance that there will be a product there when all is said and done.

Give me that assurance, Mr. Lone Developer, and I’m all over this. Until then, not gonna do it.


I like the base building and faction growing concept a lot.


It says explore, then shows you running along the most boring terrain known to man. Why would I want to explore that?


I like the “flee” part of the video.


Do you think this is the final game?


If you paid 5 bucks for M&B, its about 10 years ago - I think the value of your moeny has decreased significantly since then ;-)

I did the same - although I think I paid 7 dollars, actually.


Having watched the video, I am more favorably disposed to this game.


Sorry, I didn’t realise we were discussing a potential game, rather one that’s available for purchasing now.

<some time later>

Woah, I came back from the future and sweet Jesus is this game sweet. Seriously guys, get in your time machines and go play a game that doesn’t exist yet, it’s amazing!