Kentucky Route Zero

It is hard to believe we don’t have a thread for this game, seeing how it’s taken them almost 6 years to get 5 chapters out. Maybe they are going for the world’s slowest fulfilled kickstarter award. :)

I saw the 70% off sale they have going on this week and decided to investigate if the final chapter is still being worked on.

My web searching revealed that YES the final chapter is still being worked on and that the developers started a Patreon to get some income, as I can imagine sales have been very low for quite awhile.

When the final chapter does come out (this year or next year) I am gonna have to replay them all, as I barely remember anything in the 4 chapters I did play, almost a year apart from one another.

I bought the game years ago, when I still played games regularly, intending to go back and finish it when the game was done. Oops.

Oh yeah, I did that too. I mean just the part about buying it a long time ago and waiting until it’s done to play it, but I’m totally going to play it. Who do you think I am, ArmandoPenblade?

Pshaw I played 10 hours of videogames this year!

Okay technically ~2 of them were just idling at a save game screen while I did chores. But still!

I have this game too, purchased as I thought it would be cool to show my GF semi-gamer.

And its … still not done?

1 more act to go! Hopefully this year.

Loved the first two chapters of this when I played it like 4 or 5 years ago, but realised it was going to be best to wait til it was done. Good to hear the end is in sight!

The Dream Machine took from December 2010 to May 2017 for the full six chapters, and with no Kickstarter! To be expected when all the visuals were sculpted by hand…

I’m looking forward to playing Kentucky Route Zero when the final chapter drops. Picked it up a while back and been holding out since. Heard nothing but good things about it.

We’ve got a date, folks!

Is that act 5? Why is it called TV edition.

Also I haven’t played act 4 yet.

It’s the console release. But yes, presumably contains all acts.

According to Polygon it does indeed and the final act will be coming to PC the same day. I actually wasn’t 100% sure this day would come. I suppose the world still has three weeks in which to end before it can actually happen.

Actually what will almost certainly not happen (although I’d love to be proven wrong) is the finishing of Kentucky Fried Zero, which is really too bad.

Now we will be down to just waiting on an official release of Star Citizen.

Finally, this game will stop being eligible for game of the year after 2020. I guess it was high on some lists for game of the decade, and will be eligible for that again in 10 years.

Well, what do you know, finally get to play this one, I’ve been waiting for them to finish it for years.

This comes out tomorrow. This 5/5 US Gamer review summary quote caught my eye.

I finished episode 1 last week but I’ve been holding off on the rest waiting for this.

The release of the last episode made me think about the original reveal of Kentucky Route Zero, nine years ago.

Cool trailer, I bought this yesterday.