Kentucky Route Zero

I’ve only played through the first area, but the games atmosphere is incredible.

I played the first episode back when it originally came out, loved it, and then decided I’d just wait until the whole thing it was done.

Seven years later…

Sometime in the intervening seven years, I have become more or less uninterested in point-n-click adventure games. Not totally, I played Thimbleweed Park, Kathy Rain, and Resonance, and enjoyed them. But I figured, hey, it’s done, I already own it, so I started up Kentucky Route Zero, played it for about five minutes, and I’m done.

I’ve bought a few but haven’t been able to make myself play them. (Back in the day I only played Zork, Myst which don’t count I think, as well as Darkseed which was meh.) [edit] Oops, I played The Longest Journey and Beneath a Steel Sky too.

Bestest Bests!

I can barely remember chapters 1-3, and I still have 4 and now 5 to play.

I wonder if I got this free on prime or something. It sounds familiar.

You sure did.

Nice! Then I can check it out. Not a big adventure game player, but people seem to like this one a lot.

Looks like I bought it back in 2017. I vaguely remember that, I think? Anyway, it’s nice that I already own this! Installing now, so I can play it in 2022.

Anyone else finish this?

What a weird thing. I sort of have mix feelings. It isn’t really an adventure game in the ‘game’ sense. There’s not really any puzzles. No items. No inventory. It’s very minimalist.

It’s basically just a story book…game. You are reading and choosing options for what you want characters to say…mostly. There’s some exceptions here and there. The story plays out the same though. Mostly just reading.

I didn’t make it all the way thru this “journey” because of what you describe. I really liked the art style. But I pretty much never play games for story (unless it’s the emergent kind created by the game design itself, like say Rimworld). If I want a good read, I read books. I knew better than to buy it, but when I saw it was finally done and it was on sale I figured I’d pick it up and look out of curiosity over what they’d been doing for a decade.

I’ve been wanting to go through it with my girlfriend as she isn’t much of a PC or console gamer. We’ve done similar games in the past and she likes these as there is no need to get flustered over control schemes. Plus, once it’s done, no need to replay, she can move on with other things.

I’ve heard part 1 was really good, story wise?

Yep they lost me in Act 3. I might try and go back and finish it. Someday.

Yes. Streamed it for my girlfriend. We both loved it nearly unconditionally. The atmosphere, the writing, the tricks it plays and the weird stylistic flourishes…incredible.

Sometimes it’s a little slow, admittedly.

Incidentally, because I for one wasn’t aware until I did a readthrough of RPS coverage, there’s a live action recording that accompanies the Un Pueblo de Nada interlude here:
Note that it will just start playing like it was being broadcast if you go there. There are no controls, you cannot pause or scrub around.

That recording isn’t included in the interlude, or referred to by it in any way? Seems sloppy. How are you supposed to know about it?

I keep meaning to go back to this one, but “games” where the gameplay is mostly walking around in between bits tend to lose me quickly. I am interested in the narrative you’re telling, but I don’t really want to have to fumble around trying to make it go forward.

It’s not required. It’s effectively a live-action version of what they’re doing in the game. Also I think it was probably linked to on the website where you originally had to go to download the interludes as separate executables. But now they’re integrated into the game proper.

I admit, I flagged on this after Ep III, I think. For me, it takes energy to engage with–which is great! … but… takes energy. And because it is so eclectic, I don’t have a sense of what I have to look forward to with it.

Do those of you who finished it feel like the last couple episodes are particularly strong, or were the best moments in the beginning? Or is the best thing about it just how different it is (in which case I’ll have considered myself to have seen enough)?

It’s really hard to say. I think my favorite bit overall is still episode 1. Just cruising up and down highways getting little bites of weirdness and atmosphere. But there’s so many cool moments and things in every episode, and they’re all different (including the interludes). If it helps, you spend most of episode five playing a cat. With just impeccable cat animations and sounds and stuff.

Yeah, I would say the game flows pretty well until Act 3. Act 3 is where it gets bogged down including its Interlude “The Entertainment” which felt overly long. Even so Act 4 I think is even longer, although more straight forwards.

There’s a certain mythical journey quality to the game via bizarro Americana in relation to a perverted American dream/nightmare in relation to capitalism.

Weird shit is artsy. Debt based capitalism is bad.

I joke. I’m playing this game, and I reached the third Act. I guess I will write real impressions when I finish it. But… the previous sentence is already a good summary!